Monday, January 17, 2011

.tonight and tomorrow.

It's raining.
a 'malaysian-raining' i shall call it
for the sound of it hitting my window is so familiar in malaysia.
and that's why i feel a lil bit homesick.

8.30 pm...
i went downstairs
prepare some food for school experience tomorrow
my housemates choose to eat fried noodles over fried rice
so thats our menu then for tomorrow.

many clumsy-stupid-things happened:
i burnt a small part of fatin's new basin; (i'm sooo sooory fatin.i'll try to buy a new one ok bebeh.sorryy)
i burnt less then a half of the spaghetti;
i accidentally burnt my own neck when the onion suddenly 'popped-out' from the pan;
and finally i burnt my tongue coz i was so eager to taste the cooking.
i guess today is my hari-burnt-sedunia laa guys.

btw..i was not alone in the kitchen just now.
many thanks to incik beetho for accompanying me
but he didn't stop meow-ing
i thought he wanted to tell me a story or what =.=
rupanya he's hungry
ok.i think i should buy a cat's dictionary after this.*a good reason to go shopping *.^

gosh.11 pm d.
time to sleep bebeh.
wish me luck tomorrow.
Sir John Hunt Community Sports College (SJH), pleaase please please be nice to me.
SJH girls...please jgn getek sgt.
SJH boys...please jd getek sikit. *erkk..apakaaa. =.=

nite plymouth
monin malaysia


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