Tuesday, January 18, 2011

.summarising the whole day.

just wanna share some things that happened in SJH:
get a new supervisor;
young, gojes, beautiful, cute, slim, and gila2 a bit.
pendek kata mmg cool and terbaek la.
then, there's this one student (a girl in year 8 class), looks very lovely in front of the teacher
she puts on her plastic lovely smile but then she's making faces behind the teacher.
and yeah...i was impressed coz her eye liner is heavy than mine.
and her mascara....wow! i should say, longer than anybody.
i'm glad that she didn't apply blusher.
coz if she did, it's hard for me to guess whether she's a student or a girl who wants to go clubbing.
14 y.o. bah, guys.
why did they learn all those make-up thingy so fast?
i'm impressed!
emm...did i sound sarcastic?

the good news is...we went back early today.
thanks shah for your sweet-talk
alhamdulillah...we are not being 'curse' by the taxi anymore
it came at the right place, on the right time.

it's a bit tiring in the school
but the tiredness seemed to fade away when incik beetho greeted me.
he rushed into my house the minute i opened the door.
he's like our new housemate by now
he takes over aiyen's room since she left.

i accidentally fall asleep after having my lunch with incik beetho (ouh..he ate his food and i ate mine of course. i don't have the guts to eat makanan kucing btw. even food dia ada kambing, duck, ayam segala.)
i'm not sure at what time i slept
but i think after dhur.
then, when i woke up,
i didn't see anything
it's dark
ya laa...coz it's almost 6 pm
and i forgot to switch on the light.
when i wanted to wash my face
i was a bit shocked.
my eyes looked like zombie
the messy mascara made me looked like one.huduh gila.

i came across al's status, 'satisfied vs empty feelings'
and i like it.
may be my interpretation is different from hers.
for me i should change the 'vs' into 'but'.

ok.this is long.
i just realise it.
bah.thats all laa

nite plymouth
morning malaysia.


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