Wednesday, January 19, 2011

.One Good Mother is Worth a Hundred Schoolmasters.

"One good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters" -George Herbert-

have a chat with my mak few minutes ago.
i told her bout the email
i thought she would scold me and give me lots n lots of advices
(like what she'll always do when i make mistakes during my school days)
but tis time she said 'naa..baru tau! ahhaha'
she laughed!
something that she wouldn't do when i make mistakes before.
may be because now she sees me as a woman
no more a girl.
just may be.

we chatted
and suddenly one name appeared
i told her that the person will get engaged soon
she said 'alhamdulillah...itu yg terbaek.'
that's the best. i.Allah. i'm pretty sure about it.
we talked a bit about what had happened recently.
and i can tell that she's glad everybody moves on.

having a heart-to-heart chat with her makes me feel like a woman
only until she gave the same advices; 'jgn nakal2 dlm kelas, jgn ponteng2, jgn lawan ckp cekgu.'
ouh....i'm still her little girl rupanya.



Anonymous said...

anak mak, will alwiz be anak mak...hehe

Adib Hitam said...

aaaaaaa. aku yang sedih :(