Wednesday, January 5, 2011

.of brown high heels and nothing else!.

although everything's over
i still feel bad about myself; 
purchasing wedges without you knowing??
that's not a good thing rama!
i know.=(

i thought you gonna leave me.
i was afraid (should i feel scared after what i've done???booo!)
but instead of leaving give me advices.
what on earth was i doing???
you are suffering....and me???astaghfirullahalazim.
don't you think that you should give me a slap or two??
coz i completely feel like A BAD BAD BAD GIRL!

you told me that someone wants my brown heels,
no! don't take my brown heels away!
i don't want to give it!
and to that gojes ladies...
don't snatch it from me!
you can take my wedges away.
take as many as you like.
but not my brown heels.pleaseeeee........!

because that's the only comfortable footwear that i have
not flats
not platform
not sandals
and not even wedges!
my brown heels knows how to save me from falling
it never leave my feet with bruises
in fact, i'm the one who scratch it
and make it bruised. 

sometimes it doesn't fit all my outfits,
but it's okay.
coz nothing can perfectly match with anything rite?

let's start a new chapter you said.
i AM making a new chapter.
and that new chapter is: 
'of brown high heels and nothing else!'


p/s: sorry guys. i just can't help to write about this heels and wedges thingy.coz i don't know how to tell it's just complicated. no-nonsense. seriously!
if you find it boring, i can't help it guys. coz i am not even a writer. i don't force you to read those things. okke bebeh. cheers.



Lan said...

cheers :)

kiorsly said...

dont worry, I will keep continue reading your blog even you write about wedges 1000 times.. hope you will have your brown heels forever.. :)

ana rama said...

terharu.... =')

Anonymous said...

i almost cry reading this ^^ knowing that everything has come to a better consequence, i'm happy for you dear friend. May Allah bless your relationship, herein and hereafter. :)

*mesti ko tertanya2 siapa aku kn :P

ana rama said...

dear i-know-who,
thanks for ur precious advices dear friend.
it really makes sense.seriously!
i love u! love u! love u limaratusjutakali!

and knowing you are here with me...he is utterly grateful. =)

may Allah bless your relationship with you-know-who too.amin.

Afiqah Amal said...

i love u toooooo... limaratussatujutakali :P