Sunday, January 2, 2011

.of brown high heels and blue wedges. (part 4)

It's new year...
many people want new things;
a new resolution
a brand new handphone
a new handbag
new hair style
a new 'self' (erk??)

as for me...
i DO want some new things for my new year
but...not wedges please.
i have enough of it.
the blue wedges left several bruises on my feet
and i think those are more than enough.
but..i should be grateful though
coz those bruises are actually a gentle reminder for me....and may be for you too
Don't easily trust/fall for wedges.
Just because it looks flat and cannot simply adore it and straight away buy it.
Next time, just in case i fall in love with any wedges,
i'll make sure it suits me well
and won't give me bruises..
like the blue wedges did.

Heels will never be old-fashioned.
once the 'wedges-years' no more in the fashion world,
the wedges will be gone...and slowly disappear.
so..this explains why i should keep my brown heels with me
and give away my blue wedges to the person who wants it.
this time, I AM serious.
i will 'throw' away the wedges
and waiting patiently to go back Malaysia...
until i can walk with my brown heels again.

so...fare thee well blue wedges.
thank you for being nice,brown heels.

p/s: this is the last chapter of 'of brown high heels and blue wedges' (hopefully)



Lan said...

oh high heels menang!

ana rama said...

haha..eksaited pulak ko.
aku dak taw laa ko phm ka x critanyaa nie.haha

Lan said...

kau mau kaki ayam sekarang , sampailah kau balik malaysia ambik high heels tu , btul ka?

explain pls kak ramadana

ana rama said... depends on what you are thinking ac2ly.different ppl different interpretation kan. *_^

Lan said...

then tell me your view of it please >.<

ana rama said...

its kinda confidential.sekian.

Lan said...

oh , ba kasi can la sama kau , tapi ko kena spen aku makan sebab ko guna "sekian"

ana rama said...