Wednesday, January 19, 2011

.mini shopaholic.thumbs up lajulaju.

10.34 pm, wednesday, 19th January 2011:
officially, i have just finished reading this novel:

it takes me 3 months to finish many things to do bah.tia sempat mo baca.

it's hilarious! seriously! it makes me laugh...a real laugh.

typical becky who loves shopping and the 'gene' goes to her 2 year-old daughter.
just imagine, a 2 year-old girl already wears dolce n gabbana shoes and ordered a miu miu coat online and knows what credit card is...and loves something pink, something expensive, something new.
in short, she loves shopping...just like her mother.
and becky, she wanted to bought an expensive Temperley evening dress for her daughter's 21st bday.
but....her daughter is still 2 y.o.!
it doesn't make sense...but it's funny.
coz actually she's the one who wants to wear it
she use it as an excuse so that luke (her husband) allowed her to buy it.

ok.i shouldn't blab about the story here.
i suggest you girls (or guys if you are interested *_^) to read this.
but be careful,
make sure you don't turn into a shopaholic after reading it. *.^


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