Sunday, January 23, 2011

if i die young....

People say:
'Hey, you are still young. let's enjoy life to the fullest. When you are old and grey, then you can repent.'


so..what if you are in your twenties; enjoying your life to the fullest then suddenly you died without even repenting?? (ok..that's scary innit?)

i've received lots of sad news recently.
-a friend of my friend's sister died. she's younger than me.
-my friend's friend died at the age of 21 i believe.
-my junior's friend died at the age of 20.

It makes me 'realise' that
DEATH! will never wait until ur hair is grey.
It will come whenever and wherever He wants it to be.
it's a reminder for me; for you; for us.

It reminds me of a song by -the band perry/ sam tsui-
but i want to twist it a bit
If i die young,
i don't want you to bury me in satin
or laying me down on a bed of roses
i don't even want you to sink me in the river at dawn
and please don't send me away with the words of a love song
because i would be more than grateful if you send me your never-ending prayers
and your sincere forgiveness.

p/s: yusy, be strong darling! Allah knows.ok bebeh.



Lan said...

eh apa cerita si yusy?

ana rama said...

cuba ko tnya dia..sori sbb i have no rights utk bg taw.

Lan said...