Wednesday, January 12, 2011

.because we are women.

why should i write about women??because I AM a woman.obviously. =.= serious guys.

Woman loves to cry
Even the toughest woman will cry
You don't see them crying
because sometimes they are crying inside while their outside are smiling.
Or may be they are crying inside the wardrobe
while you are crying in a crowd.
It's good to cry
because that's the way women express themselves.
When you are angry,
crying is better than cursing.
When you are sad/ keciwa-hati-merana,
crying is better than suicide.
It's ok to cry.
But ladies,
it is NOT ok if you cry too much.
It's not good for your health; physically and mentally
Once you're done with crying,
wipe the tears
and 'wake up'!
Be confident.
because confidence makes you beautiful.

Woman is sensitive
This is what makes us a better mum, an obedient daughter, and a lovely wife.
Want to know more?? read this article
That's a gift from Allah and we have to be grateful
Alhamdulillah if you are being too grateful
But being way tooo sensitive??
Please ladies...please...DON'T.
Just because you didn't get the latest dorothy perkins' heels as a third-date present, you want to sulk all the way home??? ur man gonna be hospitalized, ladies. (ok.a lame example.i know i know.)
Sometimes, women are being too sensitive about nothing.
Don't you think that it will affect your relationship?? (whether with your family, friends, or partner)
This is the thing that we have to ponder.
Don't go overboard please.
Coz we, and the persons around us will be affected by our 'over-sensitive' syndrome.

this is just my offense ok. cheers=)



Beattrice said...

well written rama! couldn't agree more about this :)sy suka post ko ni.hihi

tqa said...

overthink pun jgk. haha haish2~

p/s: RR~ smlm cigu math korek2 sy pasal ym. musti keja rr ni kan! grrrr haha

ana rama said...

thanks shayang. *tunduk malumalu*

ya ya.haish haish haish.huhu

ha??bukan sy bukan sy. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

begitu rupa nya...

Lan said...

can you post more on these?

ana rama said...

angguk lajulaju untuk incik/cik mousmous...

lepas baca harap bayar.

Lan said...

lol , nah pay in advance $$