Saturday, December 31, 2011

.this is december speaking. (2)

it's 12.41 am, 1st January 2012.
ouh, forget about it first, coz this is still december 2011 speaking.

Though rama was busy with everything,
she found a new hobby.

rama doesn't know how to draw.
but she loves painting.
though she doesn't good at it...still we have to give her a chance.ha.ha.

22nd dec:
she went to a program.
she didn't manage to snap a single photo of ustaz zamri (mari mengaji tv9)
but no worries coz she has this:

ustaz's mum.

And my day ends with a celebration.
 (don't you think the ending is kinda abrupt? ouh coz she's sleepy.ha.ha.)

I hope rama's 2012 is as colourful as the december rainbow

HAPPY NEW YEAR peeps..May His blessings shine upon you.amin!

.this is december speaking.

dear people,
i would like to remind you once again,
that....this is december speaking.
i've been very busy this year
i thought rama hates me.
yes. she is.
i mean...yes.she WAS.
i stuffed her with lots of things to do.
remember 'a letter to mr december'?
yup.. that's for me indeed.
i've started my 1st day with the thoughts of exam, assignment and dissertation.
and not to forget a call from royal mail.
she's got the job.
she's happy. but she cried at the same time.
coz i made her busy.very very very busy indeed.
but it's alright
coz she's very happy with the royal-mail-experience in the end.
she met lots of people
an old woman who talked about her husband (succesful and rich old man), her daughter (who takes engineering) and her son (guitarist for a 'famous' band).
not to forget that blue-eyed guy who kinda interested with rama's lifestyle as a muslim.
and yeah, she forgot to ask his name. 'not important pun' rama said. kununlaa.
and the most interesting part..she had a lovely boss. thank you doc.
and this amazing chapter of working is not complete without the lively and lovely friends; from pembunuh to pemburu to si pembaca buku...rama said, you guys are awesome!  ^_*

doc the boss

this amazing chapter of december won't stop here...though today is the last day of december 2011.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

.hidup ibarat roller coaster.

blog is having a good rest.
something happened recently
if I were able to high-5 that person in the face, I would surely do it (whoaaa matciam berani)
'but come on's not a big deal' my heart says
seriously i feel ofended at first
but as i was reading what that person wrote, I nodded...slowly.
and smiled.
and i'm still smiling.
thanks for clarifying. 

'pause, iman, imagination', remember?  ^__*

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

.the choice is in your hand.

To choose something over something else is a problem. Agree? And the biggest problem on earth is to choose the right thing..yes? Some people choose to write the pros and cons for their choices (good!). Some making choices in a rush (not that good). And some people trying so hard not to choose like...
'So where we go after this?'
answer: ikutlaa..tak kisah.

'Mo makan apa ni?'
answer: mana-mana pun i makan ja.ikutlah.

I have once choosed to answer that way.  And somebody told me..

So if you get married one day...then ppl asked 'Nak lelaki A ka (kaya,ensem, beriman) atau lelaki B (koya,masam, takberiman)?'
berani jawab?: mana-manalah..ikutlah..tak kisah pun.

When you try to make a decision, it means you are ready and willing to take responsibilites.  And when this happens, it means you are training yourselves to be a responsible person. 

I's hard to choose something...because sometimes when the thing you choose is not the one you want, you tend to regret it later. But whats life without making mistakes? 

If now you are in a situation which forces you to make a choice, be grateful

coz you don't want to end up in a situation where you don't have any second options
and you don't have anything to choose..
it's frustrating!
trust me.

coz i'm feeling it now.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

.regret no no.

i've never done this before.

never ever ever in my life

but today im going to do it

and im going to 'donate' my money to those shopping complex for the second time.

boxing day.......apa suda ko buat sama saya ni!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

.counting days.

20th december

the day after my laptop ruined miserably

the day before i'm officially leaving royal mail

2 days before the program with ustaz zamri

5 days before christmas

and when it is 5 days before means 6 DAYS before boxing day *smile*

11 days before new year

and after new means 10 days before submitting the draft for dissertation *cry*

"Do it bit by bit.At least you do something to get started.English is can do it.good luck!" -kata seorang bermata biru yang kerja bersama sama saya di royal mail-ha.ha.

Monday, December 5, 2011

.a letter to mr. december.

Dear December,
welcome again
it has been a year since we meet again.
Remember last year? when you come into my life smoothly
without anything worried me
you brought the excitedness of the whitey snow
no dissy to worry about
and no exams
you only sprinkled a little anxiety about the assignments
but you quickly cure it with boxing day!
how i miss the old you, dear mr. december.

I still thanked you though
coz this busyness helped me to be more discipline
and btw thank you for not allowing me to shed even a single tear
coz you constantly remind me how much time i'm going to waste by wiping the tears away.
even one second is precious to add one word in the assignment.

yeah..and i shouldn't write in this blog while i don't even write anything for assignment, let alone the dissy.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

.making my way out.

life has been so tough lately
i don't blame the assignments and exams
i blame my bad dreams instead

but im grateful that the bad dreams had made their way out from my sleep
and funny dreams replace 'em all
i'm the one who can easily be affected by dreams
bad habit. i know.
but sometimes dreams make me be what I cannot be in real life
and meet somebody whom i can't possibly meet
sometimes i force myself to sleep again with hope that the dream continues.
bad habit.again.

last night,
i slept soundly
without dreams to cuddle
thanks to Mount Edgcumbe for making me tired
but the tiredness is worth it because the journey was awesome!
thanks iylia for planning this unintended  'girls day out'-journey.
from ferry to maze, to beach, to the incomplete castle, to the mountain, to the ducklings and seagull....
everything is perfectly framed in my memory.

ice-cream made in cornwall.

courtesy of zaf

i'm in loooveee with this seriousllly in love.

ferry. 2.40 pounds return from city to mount edgcumbe.10 minutes journey. (yes.i'm promoting.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

.assignment is not supposed to start with an A and double S.

(coz ppl start to take the A and double S and leave the 'ignment'. and started to create a new phrase 'pain in the ASSignment' And then it will give you negative thoughts about the assignments(or is it just me?)

from james joyce to language policy
from language policy to authentic materials
and not to forget managing behaviour.
everything is jumble up now.
ouh, shouldn't put the two 'y' should be aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

ok it's alright. exhale and inhale. and you're going to be jussst fine.
life is short btw.
so let's make it simple.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

.becoming a teacher (2).

Sitting among the two girls (let's call them C and D) and two boys (emm A and B) in Year 7 (12-13 y.o) today. Teacher was explaining about the task they should do in class; designing a cake for 5 year-old kids. Some said 'yay!' some said 'nay!' And me? I'm in the 'yay!' group. coz I think this food-class is waaay better than the electronic class. The class is not boring and I have fun and chatty kids to be around with.

B: Miss where are you from?
Me: Why don't you guess?
A: You are from China! *i laughed*
B: No.She's from Uganda.  *laughed again*
D: Slovakia? *what??haha*
Me: I'm from Malaysia.
B: Asia??
Me: Yeah. Asia..but specifically Malaysia. You know Malaysia?
B: Hey!she's from Asia!(shouting.telling the whole class. The teacher looked at me; smiling. which i saw as 'you've created chaos in this class!')

C: Miss why did you wear that head scarf?  Is it because you are cold?
Me: No.This is for religious purpose.I'm muslim.
B: So do you have hair?
Me: Of course I do. *laughed*
A: So you not wear bikini then.
B: Hey of course not! She won't expose her body to everyone. *I laughed* 
C: So how are you gonna swim? Are you wearing like this too?
Me: No. Do you think they will allow me to swim like this?*laughed* We have our own swimsuit. It's not that tight. It's a bit loose.and it's not bikini.

A  : Miss, are you married?
Me: *Laugh* Not yet.
C  : My mother is not married too.
Me : Is she?
C: Yeah. And i don't know who's my father. (Gosh! kesian.)
A  : I hate my father!
Me: Why?You can't simply hate your father.
A: Because he's never home. Mom said that I have loooots of Dads.
Me: *speechless for a second* So you live with you mother then?
A: Yup. And my sister. Miss..have you watched home alone? (yeah.they love to change topic abruptly)
Me: Yup. it's about that cute little boy is it?
A: No! he's not cute. emm sister loves to be at home, alone.
Me: Ouh, sometimes I like to be alone in my house too. (A looks at me with his surprised expression. I was like...did I say it wrongly??)
A: Everytime she's alone, she will have sex with her boyfriend. ( wonder he gave me that expression =.=)
Me: So how did you know? You've seen them??
A gives me a mischievous smile. God! *Faint*

Friday, November 18, 2011

.seeking attention.

so the kenduri is tomorrow
bad news, i'm not around.
so to make sure that they won't forget about me not being around,
i called her constantly
and asked her lots of questions
though i know she has lots of things to settle.
'are you busy?'
'is everyone home?'
'what are you cooking?'
'who's coming?'
'did you invite this and that?'
ouh, i'm such an annoying creature.

called her again
and it's soothing when she said no worries.although u are not here, we still 'count you in'

Thursday, November 17, 2011

.the wardrobe story.

Opening the wardrobe...
it's 9 in the morning,
Heading to the class with your casual look...emmm perhaps baju kurung.

"Ouh I've got an interview!" you said.
opening the wardrobe once again.
You then dress smartly with coat and black heels and off you go.

4 pm
it's time to hit the gym
you throw away the heels and coat
open the wardrobe 
and grab the adidas tee

the clock struck 8
It's prom night!
you are standing in front of the wardrobe
wondering what to wear
You then choose the flattering gowns
and apply some make-up

It's 12
you put on the pyjamas which you grab from the wardrobe
without counting sheeps, you sleep soundly.

Opening a wardrobe is like opening  a wide range of personalities
the serious coat, the playful dress, the energetic t-shirt, the romantic gown etc
if you say that you only have one personality and it's not gonna change for the rest of your life...------ouh kamon! don't bluff.
you're not goin to wear pyjamas for all occasions, are you?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


mouse yang di atas otw mengalami kehancuran selepas terjatuh atas kepala beberapa jam yang lalu.

p/s: malasnyaaaa mau cariii baruuuuu.sob.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"LOVE": what's the first colour that cross your mind? (beg for an answer)

Red is not the only colour for roses.
It can be white, lavender, yellow, burgundy, peach, and sometimes blue...
but the 7 year-old kids choose to paint it with red

The sky is not always blue
Sometimes, it can be grey, orange + gold and black too.
but the 7 year-old kids prefer to say 'the sky is blue'

Leaves can't only be green
When it's autumn, the leaves turn yellow
or may be brown.
in fact, red maple tree has burgundy leaves.
but the 7 year-old kids pick greeny for the leaves.not burgundy.not brown.not yellow.

Why are these things happened?
Because we have moulded the kids that way.
Don't you think so?

what's your answer to my question "Love: what's the first colour that cross your mind?"

If your answer is 'red', then you are the '7 year-old kids'.

p/s: Suddenly I realise that saying "I hate changes" won't change anything.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

.Having trouble sleeping?? Try literature.

If you are students, I'm pretty sure that you have experienced what I always experience in class: the sleeeeeepinesss.

And I don't always face this kind of situation except in Literature class. Why? Because the lecture is like a lullaby. =.=

Today I faced the eyes-don't-want-to-open situation once again. So what I did was:
 1. Roll my eyes as big as I could

2. Whatever he says, I just write 'em down. It works! I have something to focus on rather than thinking of my sleepiness. It's just sentences were hanging:
"He demonstrates"
"get out what lies beneath the"
"poem allows human nature to speak outside the nature of"
  When I read my notes back, I was like, who's homosexual?? He demonstrates what?? So basically I'm in despair.=.=

3. Nod! Nod as often as I can coz physical movement can make me less sleepy.  Besides, nodding gives a positive connotation.  The lecturer might think that I completely understand what he says.  Whereas, the truth is I'm just the sleepyhead who are extremely sleepy until my head goes back and forth.

4. Close my eyes for 10 seconds while frowning.  Lecturer might think that I'm thinking. Actually I'm 'meditating.'
5. I'm trying so hard not to take a glimpse of my watch/ the clock. Coz I have this habit..when I know what time it is, I tend to count how many hours to go before the 'bell rings'. And I tell you, it's completely annoying!

So basically these are the things that help me to survive in Adrian's class (kunun). If you have another splendid ideas on how to fight the sleepiness in class, you are welcomed to share 'em with me.

----"ada presentation hari ni."
----"gud luck! buat ja mcm *anda selalu becakap dlm keta." Ouch!haha

*subject to change

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

.becoming a teacher (1).

Was writing some notes when a cute-handsome little year 8 student smiled at me. I smiled back and continued writing.  But I could feel that he's watching me. I stopped writing. And slowly, I took a seat beside him.

Me: You look bored.
S: Yeah. I don't like textile (the subject). I don't like sewing.
Me: I see. Now tell me what you'd like to do?
S: I dunno.
Me: Do you like Maths?
S: Em..kinda. I'm just bored! Teacher scolds me.Always!
Me: Wanna talk?
S: Let's talk then. (put his pencil down and smile at me) Why do you come here?
Me: I have to do some observation.Taking notes and stuff.
S: Do you like it?
Me: Erk??
S: Did you do this because you have to or because you like it? (I was like God! this kid is really something.haha)
Me: Actually..I have to.I must do it.This is for my know..dissertation and all.
S: I saw you taking notes. Did you enjoy it? (Gotcha!I said to myself)
Me: Enjoy it??haha.let me tell you my secret. I don't like doing this.It's booring!
S: (he laughed) Then, why you do this anyway? Why don't you just go back?
Me: You also bored. Why don't you just go back too?
S: Coz I have no choice.
Me: Same. Because I have to do this. Even though I'm feeling completely bored, I still have to do it. I have to go through it until I the work is done. And that's what you have to do now. Because we have the same problem.
S: (smile)

The teacher assistant (TA) suddenly came towards us. I get up and went to my seat; continued taking notes.  When the TA had gone, I took a quick glance at him. He was doing his work. I smiled. Did I just give him motivation? Auwww.. I feel touched.


Where is he going now?

Ok.He's under the table. Crawling. and flirting with that cute girl. Pffft!

I'm not a good motivator huh?!=.=

Saturday, November 5, 2011

.ketukketuk aidiladha.'s malam raya tonight.
I'm glad that we have you tube to keep on repeating the takbir
as well as lagu raya. *smile*

If I were in tawau right now, I probably help mum to do the buras.
Here, in house 31, my housemates show their talent in doing these delicious delicacies:

cream puff fatin-in-the-making (we use to call it kuih taik yg sedaap. =p)

trifle zaf. looks tempting kan?

go dib! show the world u can do it!
tonight we had a small celebration; takbir, makanmakan and all.
and tomorrow, we'll go for raya prayer before have a small makanmakan again. (makan terus.typical malaysian huh?)
then we'll have to go back home and do the homework coz we've got class on Monday.
But at least this year is better than last year's raya.
coz after performing the prayer, some of us straight away went to lecture.

selamat hari raya aidiladha dari saya dan suami penghuni rumah 31.
mari berkorban! =)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

.the Malaysians abroad. (Manchester)

From Warrington to Liverpool,
Shall we fly to Manchester now?

Manchester is heaven!
I'm bias. I admit that. Ha.ha.
I'm soo freaking excited because Manchester is one of the many cities that I wanted to visit.
The whether was good when we started our journey to Old Trafford (OT).
Eyp, wait! We actually went shopping before we took a tram to OT.
Shopping in Manchester was heavenly heavennn!
Shopping in H&M was like shopping in charity shop.(better than that I think.hehe)

from h&m to clarks to miss selfridge...then we suddenly pancit in tk max.They said, 'hey, cannot sit on the floor la.' Yet we had no choice coz kaki suda penat bah. No bench summore. so what to do lah. =)
 And you know what happened behind this picture?

It's actually a Ralph Lauren coat.
Aufa found it first.
And I was like 'It's Ralph Lauren!! You soo gonna buy this!'
And when we saw the price (pic above) we said 'You sooo gonna put this back!'

Ok.Enough about shopping.

After had a buffet in halal chinese restaurant,
we took a tram to OT.
The excitedness was in the air.
Few minutes after that, we reached OT.
Just by reading the sign 'Welcome to Old Trafford' made me feel 'wowwww!!'

Now, lets talk about the stadium.
three words: I LOVEEEEEE ITTTT!
You know the feeling of entering branded-stuff-with-affordable-price shop?? That's exactly how I felt at that moment. Excited!
The tour guide was awesome!!

that's him!!
We also entered the dressing room
so basically we had the chance to put on the players' jersey.
we just touched it. and crumpled it.and take pictures with it.

and some acted like the this guy:

ferguson's identical twin.=p
since we were soo excited, we took pictures almost anywhere.twice! =.=

why only two of us? because we used the same camera.
and thrice. =.="
same spot but with different expression.

take 1:
"we are friends"
take 2:
"I'm his daughter.and he's my father"

Take 3:
"I'm his mistress. and we are happy together."
*ampun dib.haha*
And something good happened while we were buying souvenirs.
we found them!!!

me: 'are you travelling alone?'
datuk farid: nope. i'm with a few others. faizal tahir is also here.
the excited friends: *screammmmm*

see.imma was soo excited.haha
After hu-ha-ing, we had to go back.
It was very windy.
extremely windy actually.
The tudung was out of place.
and hey friends, remember the 'flying-certificate'??
It was hillarious.
Imma, aufa, wani, fatin and hyder ran for it.
and the awesome part was, while they were running hither and thither, hafiz and I-can't-remember-who were enjoying their kodak moments! It was funny! (At least for me and for those who witness the 'flying-certificate event')

The Manchester was awesome!
One of the reasons why I like it soo much is because of you. =)

Monday, October 31, 2011

.the Malaysians abroad. (Liverpool)

The journey to Liverpool began at 9 am.
Everybody was ready for the first stadium-tour experience
In the bus, on the way to the Anfield Stadium, I tried to keep my mouth shut.
That's because I wanted to capture the local accent coz I admit I fall in love with it.

This is Anfield.
My first impression was: Emm, boleh laa.
At 3 pm, the adventure began.
I was soo excited but unfortunately the tour guide really put me off.
They talked a lot about the history
and they made jokes about the players (whom I have no idea who the heck they are!)
Basically, I didn't get the joke. (can't you see how pathetic I am?? )
So I would say, the day in Anfield Stadium was boring. =(
Except the kodak moment!! it's pretty exciting! *smile*

There's something happened in the stadium actually
I do believe that some people(especially the gents) can be very fanatic about football
But it's kinda unacceptable if these 'football fanatics' to act like God who can control other people preferences in choosing their football team.
Like for example, when my friend said that he supports ManU, this asian guy who acting like mat salleh told the tour guide:
'I want you to get rid of that mu fan! He's just wasting his money by coming here.'
I was like, hey, it's my friend's money.
Not yours.
Chill la bah.
this not-so-good experience in Anfield is one of the reasons why I don't really like Liverpool FC. (erk..can u see the connection?)ok. forget it.=.=

Sunday, October 30, 2011

.the Malaysians abroad. (Warrington)

The 13 of us went to warrington, manchester, liverpool and london last few days. Thanks to reading week. =).
Probably you've seen the pictures on my fb. But hey, pictures won't tell you the whole story. So let me tell you what really happened during the journey.  Let's start with warrington, shall we?

Warrington has never been in our to-go-list.  It's a last minute plan since the hotels in Manchester and Liverpool were fully booked. Probably because they had matches on that time. Remember 6-1?Ok. It's a disaster!  Case closed.
Back to the topic..we finally got the cheapest hotel to stay in Warrington.
If you ask me what's interesting about that place?? I will tell you, there's almost nothing!
It's like a dead city. We walked and walked and it was like nobody in it, except us!
It's kinda creepy.

Ok. That's about the city.
Now, let's talk about the room.
That night, everyone was sleeping; including me of course. But suddenly I heard this weird sound from upstairs. It sounded so weird until I feel like I want to vomit (ok. exaggerating.)
I shouldn't elaborate more. But if the term 'the sound of the bed' is exist, I would say, that's the 'scariest' thing to hear at night.

in front of travelodge, warrington (courtesy of zaf)

this is warrington-8 in the morning
that's about warrington.

ouh, shoot! it's 7! i have discussion!gotta go.bai.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

.selfish is not equal to shellfish.

in a certain situation,
you would rather hurt yourself
rather than hurting somebody.
the pain you felt is painless when you see the other party is smiling.
you never fail to whisper 'cheer up! things'll get better'
but, until when?

in the dark, you silently pray that you can escape from the bitterness of lying to yourself.
Coz indirectly, you are lying to another person
and things will get worst when the truth behold.

yeah, you are trying very hard not to be selfish.
perhaps, that's why you put your happiness on sale. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

.probably it shouldn't be this way.

Since i met the famous figures of TV3 in Manchester, my mind is filled with the what-ifs:

What if I asked him how to get through the interview?

What if I sent him my resume?

What if I gave him my number and asked him to call me if there's a vacancy?

What if I met that reporter and asked him the tips to pass the interview?

What if I ignored faizal tahir and continued the casual talk with datuk farid?

What if I told him that I'm interested to get involved?

What if I told him that I really excited to meet him in person?

Arghhh the what-ifs really kill me this time.
I shouldn't think about this anymore.
There's a lot of assignments and presentations to think of.
Forget about the 'fairy-tale'.
Dreaming is better than giving too much hope for something near impossible.
 Good night! Time to hug the teddy and close the eyes tightly.

*ok.ok.It's silly, isn't it?You are permitted to LOL.='(

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

.10 reasons why people hit the 'like' button on facebook.

(applicable for fb status and comments)

1. because they really like it

2. because you've posted what they are about to post

3. because you are their bestfriend

4. because they want you to notice them

5. because they want you to like their comment/ status back

6. because they want you to check on their new gorgeous profile picture.

7. because that person is in love with you (it's a gentle hint for 'I'm stalking you.')auwww.

8. because they are bored.they have lots of free time to 'like' everybody's status/ comments.

9. because that's the polite way to tell 'i want to stop this conversation'

10. because they don't have any ideas what the heck you are crapping about.

most people opt for no. 9.

and the in-loves opt for no.7.*ehem*

so what are you?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

let's plan a wedding...

dress! ha.ha.ha.

I love flowy wedding dress which (I guess) makes the bride looks like a princess.

I prefer cream/ baby blue dress rather than white. Coz white doesn't suit me.

I love bows.

I think of adding beads around my hijab and adding lace for the sleeves too.

and I think I should stop crapping now. =.='

p/s eh..have time for sketching but no time to read the joyce's novel??clap clap clap.

Friday, October 14, 2011

.selipar jepun.

when you are lonely,
worry not
coz He is always with you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


dear heart,
you talk too much
and you make it obvious sometimes
hush hush
let everything be a secret
i'm begging.
have some mercy, will you?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

.why oh why.

I was waiting for that moment to come. Everything's ready. From goggle to silicon cap to float. Pound by pound transferred into the shopping mall. This is the hardest part of all. You know, when you go shopping, there are two voices in your head; 'Buy it' or 'Don't buy it!' (Especially if those things are not in your wish all!)

Then when you are about to pay, this 'Don't-buy-it' thought suddenly hit you: 'You wanna buy these freaking swimming stuffs??! You gotta be kidding me! You can buy 3 dresses instead.'  But then, it's too late to say 'Yes.I should buy dresses!' coz the cashier already said 'This is your receipt.Thank you and please come again.'

Ok.Back to my first sentence,I was waiting for that moment to come. And yeah, I finally hit the pool. Drinking the tasteless water is normal. Shouting instead of talking is super normal (the silicon cap makes you deaf). It supposed to be an exciting moment. But I can't feel the excitement. It's just not there. May be because it's too crowded. Or may be because the lifeguard is always a guy. Or may be because....ok.I shouldn't lie.It's because I don't know how to swim until the deep end. Everytime I feel like I'm a good swimmer, I found myself kicking the floor.not the water.Ouh! pathetic!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

.Mr. Whatgoesaroundcomesaround.

may be this is what we call karma.
'you get what you give'.
and i think i know this is not happening intentionally
it happens for a reason
it makes me reflect about what i did last time.
a very bad thing.
which i think i deserve the 'in your face!' thingy.

hey what happen laa to this week.
everything seems upsidedown nie.
things'll get better.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

.the internal monologue is speaking.

Hating somebody without a reason is exasperating. It's like you want to say 'SHUT UP!' when the person didn't even say a word.

So the best thing to do is..chill laa bah. It's impossible to please everybody. That's the reality. So face it.

Ok.ok.I'm facing the reality.

Monday, October 3, 2011

.recipe. (salmon)

im not a chef.
but sometimes i do act like a chef (ehem.kunun.)
so now i would like to share a recipe from my kitchen.
we call it 'salmon the snow white''s actually  'Salmon steak with white sauce'

All we need is:



Black pepper

For the sauce:
2 tablespoon margerine

1/2 shallot (chopped)

1 tablespoon flour

1/2 tablespoon oregano/ corriander

1 cup of milk


black pepper

corn flour

1. marinate the salmon with salt and black pepper.
2. fry the salmon.don't overcook! (then put it aside) It will look like this err..kindof:

3. Let's make the sauce! Heat the margarine.
4. Add the shallot.
5. Add the flour. Let the shallot 'blend in' with it.
6. Then add the milk, oregano/ corriander, salt and black pepper. Bring to the boil.
7. Add corn flour.
 It will look a bit like this:

Then, tuang the white sauce onto the this:

bolehlah baca doa makan sekarang!*_^

Sunday, October 2, 2011

was concentrating in front of lappy.reading for dissy?

nope.i was deleting the 'unused' pics in lappy
and i saw this.

and i am craving for this pizza.right now.right at this very moment.and it's miles and miles and miles away from here.
and was suddenly found this pics which were taken last year.
in pizza plymouth:
salmon al forno (thanks to amal). yes!the name is's actually a crispy salmon.finger lickin! no nonsense.
make-it-urself ice-cream
Americano (regular).
with full fat milk.
makan sampai litcccin.

then i found another pics.
the Crownhill Fort.
we went there last time. but it wasn't open for public.
it's only open once a month.

the main office
they actually build this fort to protect the place from the french attack.

and this is the least altered fort in plymouth.
the tunnel.quite scary huh?

the pathway
ok.forget about the fort.
i'm also craving for this:
taken in wangi chicken rice.(eyh eyh tgn siapakah itu?ahaks)
ok that's all.

eyh got another pics.

the youngest niece.ouh i love you to yana!