Friday, December 31, 2010

what happened on the last day of 2010??


we didn't really celebrate new year
but...we did celebrate something special
kelay (clare)'s birthday!
uhuuuu..she's just 21...but me??almost 22 d..aiseh bikin jeles jgk.

ok...ac2ly we did a surprised bday party for her
and surprisingly....she's surprised!
coz....we did make noise in the common room..
kelay..kelay...nampaknya anda mmg tidak peka.

what i like about party-ing??
hihihihhohohohahahuhuhu *buat dulu evil laugh*
i like these things.........

food food...ain's cooking.sedapnakmampos!


.cake. (say hello to fat!)

spending time with my gojes ladies.. *sy da puji.sila masukkan duit dlm akaun sy after tis* some of them are not in the pic btw.
taking pic secretly while they are laughing and joyah-ing

and make one of them stop joyah-ing; looking at the camera and smiling.

clicking dslr!
candle! yg wangi!
the cute little cake that make the bday girl smiling 
and here she is!the girl of the nite!! ouuhh..she's still looking surprised eh.

and my 2010 ends here.
with laughter
with love
with delicious delicacies
with fantastic friends
with all those jokes,
you ladies make me less homesick....=')

so that's it.
baibai 2010...
hello 2011.
may Allah bless us.

*why laa i like to wear sluar tido to the surprised bday party =.=* (credit to BEBA =p)

p/s: apa azam tahun baru? maw jumpa incik azam =.=



Lan said...

ok skrg mo kirim salam sama seluar tidur wahahaha :D

ana rama said...

apakaaa =.=

Beattrice said...

cantik o kan last pic tu :P sapa la yg tlg ambil.haha :P

Lan said...

Kirim baaa

ana rama said... credit ko laa..

apa kirim2 nie..kirim duit?

Lan said...

kirim salam baaa,kau la kirim duit sama aku , aku kirim duit sama ko rm1 = 20 sen jak duit sana , bagus kau yg derma sama aku ni

ana rama said...

i.Allah ya nak.kalo ada rejeki.