Friday, December 10, 2010

.that was enough!.

in matrix,
a girl was crying while washing her clothes in the middle of the night; in the toilet; alone.
she was really upset for she didn't know why she had to do all the washing
it's just stupid because she washed a small bundle of clothes started from night until midnight
she was tired
and upset
but she had to do it because the matrix didn't provide them with washing machine.

the same girl is almost crying while she's 'facing' a huge pile of letters.
there's a looooooooooooooooooot of letters in front of her
and she had to sort them out into categories
it's fun at first
but after sometime...she really wants to vomit.seriously!
she doesn't really want to work actually
but because she wanted to prove to her mum that she CAN be independent like the other siblings,
she accept the job. *which obviously she already failed to prove it :'(  *
the first experience of working is not that fun
it's tiring!
she's officially announce that she hates to see letters.
and..she doesn't care about the money at all.
coz she wants her normal life back!
she doesn't like the idea of being active at midnight.
it's really frustrating.
she doesn't feels like she is she anymore.

now...she would like to announce that.....
she WILL LEAVE this job a.s.a.p!

anyone who interested to work with royal mail
plz pray hard that you will replace this girl's place.


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