Saturday, December 25, 2010

stay or's your choice.

you can choose to stay
or you can runaway

hold its hands and runaway together
or try to make it stays with you

but if you fail to do both
you can just let it go
let it run with its own way

and you too
can run with your own way

you are strong. 
i'm not that strong, iylia! ='(



Anonymous said...

Allah will never burden you more than what you can handle. :)
when something befalls you,it is either Allah wants you to leave it,or Allah wants you to strive more.smooth wind will not make a bird strong. :)

if Allah wants you to leave it,maybe it is not good to you.Allah knows while we know not.Allah has something better awaits for you insyaAllah.

and if Allah wants you to strive more to get it,it is because Allah wants you to appreciate can a healthy person appreciate the good health of his if he never falls sick?

wallahu'alam bissawab
i pray Allah will make ease the good things for you.

ana rama said...

tenkiu ain.='(