Saturday, December 18, 2010


it's really hard to smile
even if i want to..
 i couldn't
coz it reaaaaallly hurts.
it hurts until i want to cry instead of smiling.gosh!

naaaa...mesti u think i encounter a veerry big problem ni kan.

not really a big problem laa
it's just that my skin is extremely dry lately..due to the winter weather i guess..
when i smile....the skin cracked a bit
and when it hurts like soooo very much
so when i want to smile....i have to be careful (maigod! smile pun kena careful..what the tuuut..)

so guys...when u see me smiling.
trust's my genuine smile
not the fake one.
okeh bebeh.

one more thing...
it's snow heavily in plymouth
ho yeah! ho yeah! *melompat2 kegembiraan sambil bertepuk tgn dgn kelajuan maksimum*
i like it soooo very much!!
i feel like i want to smile the whole day..
tapi tu laa...cannot smile properly kan
nah! i give u the whitey scenery of my lovely dovely plymouth:

a shot taken from my room

mana sayaa???xdaa..sbb senyuman sy *bidak.ac2ly we just reached home from keja ba ni.tros straight away maen senooow.besh! pukul 6.30 subuh tu maen.mmg bersemangat waja sungguh ya anak2.

my feveret. =)

maen lempar2 snow..itu permainan sangat wajib time winter. ouw..btw tat's me in black.pic ni ble upload sbb muka x nmpk.maka xnmpklaa senyuman yg bidak tersebut =)

tat's all
i have to get ready for work.



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