Friday, December 31, 2010

what happened on the last day of 2010??


we didn't really celebrate new year
but...we did celebrate something special
kelay (clare)'s birthday!
uhuuuu..she's just 21...but me??almost 22 d..aiseh bikin jeles jgk.

ok...ac2ly we did a surprised bday party for her
and surprisingly....she's surprised!
coz....we did make noise in the common room..
kelay..kelay...nampaknya anda mmg tidak peka.

what i like about party-ing??
hihihihhohohohahahuhuhu *buat dulu evil laugh*
i like these things.........

food food...ain's cooking.sedapnakmampos!


.cake. (say hello to fat!)

spending time with my gojes ladies.. *sy da puji.sila masukkan duit dlm akaun sy after tis* some of them are not in the pic btw.
taking pic secretly while they are laughing and joyah-ing

and make one of them stop joyah-ing; looking at the camera and smiling.

clicking dslr!
candle! yg wangi!
the cute little cake that make the bday girl smiling 
and here she is!the girl of the nite!! ouuhh..she's still looking surprised eh.

and my 2010 ends here.
with laughter
with love
with delicious delicacies
with fantastic friends
with all those jokes,
you ladies make me less homesick....=')

so that's it.
baibai 2010...
hello 2011.
may Allah bless us.

*why laa i like to wear sluar tido to the surprised bday party =.=* (credit to BEBA =p)

p/s: apa azam tahun baru? maw jumpa incik azam =.=


.he's coming.

awal pagi lagi ada jantan masuk bilik
kalo mak sy tau...konpom tekejut.
coz di ruma sy x bg pun incik jantan masuk bilik..
paling2 pun masuk rumah laa..
itu pun jiran sebelah punya jantan.
but this morning...i let him to stay in my room
coz jantan omputeh kan..
kiyut n gojes! terrbaek!

then...i gave him something to eat
he didn't say much
which is a good thing laa
coz awal pagi kan...mood masih tak stabil
kalo byk ckp sy cubit lajulaju.

he was eating
i was fb-ing
quite nervous ac2ly
coz he kept on looking at me
da laa dia tu jantan terfemes di marjon

but seriously...i was quite worried
worried if he did something unpredictable
usually fatin will handle him
but fatin wasn't home kan.

then...i asked him to sleep on my bed
but he refused
he crept under my bed and slept
tunggu sy usap2 baru dia tido
shangattt shuwitt.

naaa..ini laa jantan termacho di marjon.coz we don't have any other jantan..the rest semua lelaki kan.*_^
introducing INCIK BETHO!

renungan ini laa buat sy nerves.mcm mo mencakar tau.haish.

creeping under my bed and sleep.(pandai dia pilih port yg ada heater.mantap!)

tat's all.


Thursday, December 30, 2010


another FOUR years of waiting kan?



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

.this is my 2010.

there are lots and lots of memories and things happened in 2010. i put some of them in my personal diary...but some not. either because i don't have time to write or i don't want to keep those moments for my children to read(children?? suda merepek)

and here are some moments which i think i should keep 'em in my blog.
  • enjoying the futsal-moments with my ladies and gentlemen. love the feeling of kicking the ball. mantap!
naaa..smgt betul pompuan betudung tu smpai main bola pun pkai winter jacket =.=

thanks guys for letting the power-puff girls to play with your team. (both pic taken from auni's fb)
  •  maikel told me that i can share my personal probs with him. aha!
  • finally i know how to ride bicycle. (patutkaa berbangga??haha) thanks to those who taught me. i really appreciate your patience. =')
  •  i owned a BLACKBERRY-look-alike phone. (what's with the caps lock?? =.=)
  • gained my verry first experience as a worker. thank you royal mail. you really gave me the experience of 'tidurberdiri'.(senyum lebarlebar)
  • have my verrry first suprised birthday party. thanks kawan2. =')
what's the disadvantage of surprised bday party? u don't even think to wear something proper. (patutkaa pakai sluar tidur time bday?mari geleng kepala limaratusribukali)

  •  picnic with my ladies and gentlemen. i miss those moments; from lempar bola beracun...the never-ending laughter and sarcasm...the clicking dslr(s)...and those yummy food. spring and summer...hope to see you soon!i.Allah.
see...we really LOL.biar muka bidak asal dapat LOL. (taken from hafiz's fb)
  •  i learned about commitment (and i'm still learning how to be truly deeply committed). thanks cigu maths. =)
  • i learned about friendship and love-ship.
  • people come and people go.and that's what i learned; how to let things go.
  • suddenly i know what really happened in my family coz i found n read my sister's diary.
  • the 2008-thingy happened twice in 2010. what does it mean?? it is double triple painful. mmg boom-boom-paw punya sakit la. terrbaek!
  • i'm once again learn about islam. thanks to kakak2 and kawan2. you help me a lot. do remind me again and again ya.

and..that's all i can share with you. the big moments in my 2010 life.
thanks so much for the bitter sweet memories ppl.

baibai 2010!
see you next year readers. i.Allah.=)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pixie Lott - Gravity

i love the way she moves.
she dances like whoaaaaa...!
(even though some may think that it is a simple dance routine...)

i heart the lyrics too.
google it now. *_^


Sunday, December 26, 2010

boxing day+of brown high heels and blue wedges (part 3)

my boxing-day came
i went out at 8 am.
with my comrades....
i was soo excited until i didn't know what to buy and where to start.
i went from one shop to another, with smiling eyes
and i was nervous!
i love the feeling of grabbing things
i love the feeling of ppl looking at what we bought
i love the feeling of holding lots and lots of shopping bags
i love to look at those 1 digit price-tag.
i love to lost in the jungle of beautiful-yet-affordable stuffs
i love everything!

yet..i loathe the feeling when i went home
i loathe the feeling of counting my money; counting how much i spent, and how much left. 
i loathe the feeling when i'm still thinking about that gorgeous heels
and wedges
and handbags
and dress
and my dream-list; m.a.c.
ouhh..the devil really wants me to go bankrupt huh.

(of brown high heels and blue wedges part 3)
i loathe the thought that i CANNOT buy another heels and wedges
i loathe the feeling of missing my brown heels
and i loathe the feeling of missing my blue wedges too
although the blue wedges is still here in the uk
but i no longer can wear it
coz it's winter
it's cold
and i don't think i can wear it during spring..and autumn...and even summer
coz someone wants it badly.
so i decided to give it away
and keep my brown heels with me
for as long as it wants me to wear it.
if you understand what i mean...


Saturday, December 25, 2010

stay or's your choice.

you can choose to stay
or you can runaway

hold its hands and runaway together
or try to make it stays with you

but if you fail to do both
you can just let it go
let it run with its own way

and you too
can run with your own way

you are strong. 
i'm not that strong, iylia! ='(


mari mengira!

sy ada soalan maths yg mencabar.
xyah pakai calculator pun no hal punya.

soalannya adalah......

dlm sehari
sy spend 10 hours to sleep
3 hours utk makan
7 hours duk depan laptop
2 hours utk berangan
2 hours utk bejoyah

soalannya...dlm sehari berapa jam kah diperuntukkan utk membuat assignment??

da dapat jwpn??

p/s: soalan asenmen drama cam senang tp susa...haish!


Bagaikan Puteri

Friday, December 24, 2010

i am officially jobless.

alhamdulillah...finally i managed to graduate in royal mail.huhu
2 weeks and a half of:
     -sleepless nites (opkos laa sleepless.keja from 10pm-6 am pulak =.= )
     -sleep while standing (who wants to know the technique?PM me.)
     -makan sedapsedap dan banyakbanyak pada pukul 1 pg and 3 pg (proses penggemukan berjln dgn lancar ya anak2)
     -jari berdarah2 kena surat
     -no social life (hanya mampu bersocial ngn amal,anem,syu,adah,shari n weiwei.disamping bos kacak,abg cop yg bisu,datuk idung mhancung, abg bau-ketiak-tp-comel dan abg doc yg baek ati *aik..knp semua lelaki ni =,=*)

then, due to the sleepiness i created some embarrassing moments yg rasa cam mo masuk dlm botol sbb malu:

malu satu:
bos: britain is fantastic but i believe malaysia is lovely too.rite?
me: malaysia??
bos: yeah..ur country. you already forgot bout malaysia??

malu dua:
bos: my son is in brazil rite now.he is married.
me: with a girl?
bos: obviously with a girl. my son is a he.
me: haha *ketawa fake sbb malu*

malu tiga:
i wanted to take a trolley to put letters in it.
paciktua: here.
me: hai. *i tot he said hey ya.*
paciktua: here.
me: hai. *muka time tu da pelik.i tot pacik tu mo menggatal.haha.bengong*
paciktua: you can take the trolley HERE. 
me: *rasa cam mo tampar diri lajulaju.kasi malu malaysia seja*

malu empat:
alaa..cukup laa tiga.malu suda sy ni.

malu2 pun...still..ada bnda yg best. and one of the best things of working adalah ini:

what's this??pay slip! atawpun bahasa tawaunya; slip gaji.=)
ya ampun..i never have my own pay slip tau. dulu...slalu tgk2 my dad n sisters punya payslip seja.
ahhhhhhhh gumbiranya ada slipgaji sndiri. =,= is 24th dec
tomorrow 25th a.k.a kismas!
after kismas ada apa ya??


ok.itu seja.bai.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

entry yg saaaangaaat panjang.

last day kerja!!




bah.p kerja dulu.nnt saya updet. =)

p/s: pjg kan entry kali ni?=p


Wednesday, December 22, 2010



wipe your tears
coz 'hello' and 'goodbye' are part and parcel of life.

goodbye dear seniors. ='(


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


telah dihujani masalah dgn lebatnya.

semoga mak and kakak2 menabahkan diri di sabah.

 semoga masalah berbelas kasihan dgn saya.

 semoga cpt2 habis kerja supaya dapat focus men-deal-kan diri dgn incik masalahs

semoga masih mampu bersenyum.



sorry if i'm wrong..
but i just read somebody's blog and i found some things that exactly like mine.(entry sy yg ini dan juga ini.)
i dunno if you are being hacked or something.
but please do explain to me so i won't 'berburuk sangka' ok.
i know you will read this post because you are one of my followers if i'm not mistaken.

i admit that my writing is not that good...
and i know that my blog is not ouwh-so-the-bomb blog.
i don't have many followers either
bcoz thats not what i aim for.

but i think it is not appropriate for anyone to copy anything from this blog to your own blog and act like those are ur writings. this is what we call plagiarism guys.
and i am against plagiarism.
if you DO want to copy anything...please please please tell me.
i won't say 'NO' if u ask me that ok?=)

don't get me wrong ok
i don't ask you to put my name on every writing that you copy from me's not what i want
i just want a sign of respect from you
that's it.
mcm kalo pinjam barang org kan..kita kena minta izin kan.
so the same goes to this matter.

to that person
i'm sory for posting this entry.
i know it's very public
but i dunno how to tell you this coz i don't have your fb
i tried to leave a short comment on your blog but you seem do not allow anyone to leave a comment.
so...i'm soooo sory for doing this
and i hope you understand what i mean.
u are a student..a bright student i guess. so..u understand what i mean right?

p/s: sy x marah cuma terkilan sikit.=)
p/s: u can leave msg on my fb if you want to explain personally..


Sunday, December 19, 2010

.don't read what you shouldn't read please.

you read it
and i dont like it
did you realise what you did?
you read almost everything (i guess) 
i don't really care if you really eager to read it actually
but...without me knowing it??
it's just rubbish.
u know it is quite personal
i IS personal for God sake.

i can't blame you anyway
may be you still don't understand the word 'privacy'
it's ok...i'll give you time to learn about it (tis is not sarcasm btw.i seriously mean it.i'm not a big fan of sarcasm)


Saturday, December 18, 2010


it's really hard to smile
even if i want to..
 i couldn't
coz it reaaaaallly hurts.
it hurts until i want to cry instead of smiling.gosh!

naaaa...mesti u think i encounter a veerry big problem ni kan.

not really a big problem laa
it's just that my skin is extremely dry lately..due to the winter weather i guess..
when i smile....the skin cracked a bit
and when it hurts like soooo very much
so when i want to smile....i have to be careful (maigod! smile pun kena careful..what the tuuut..)

so guys...when u see me smiling.
trust's my genuine smile
not the fake one.
okeh bebeh.

one more thing...
it's snow heavily in plymouth
ho yeah! ho yeah! *melompat2 kegembiraan sambil bertepuk tgn dgn kelajuan maksimum*
i like it soooo very much!!
i feel like i want to smile the whole day..
tapi tu laa...cannot smile properly kan
nah! i give u the whitey scenery of my lovely dovely plymouth:

a shot taken from my room

mana sayaa???xdaa..sbb senyuman sy *bidak.ac2ly we just reached home from keja ba ni.tros straight away maen senooow.besh! pukul 6.30 subuh tu maen.mmg bersemangat waja sungguh ya anak2.

my feveret. =)

maen lempar2 snow..itu permainan sangat wajib time winter. ouw..btw tat's me in black.pic ni ble upload sbb muka x nmpk.maka xnmpklaa senyuman yg bidak tersebut =)

tat's all
i have to get ready for work.



Friday, December 17, 2010


eyh did i update my blog few hours ago?? obvious sign of boredom huh..= ,=

i just did a quick clean-up and see what i found...

this is my favourite glove for it is comfortable, colourful and the very first glove that i bought. but becomes like these:

can you see the 3 holes there?
there are not fashion btw.
the letters tore my gloves.

and do you know what this means?
it's a sign to go SHOPPING!

rama_ana snow hits my body gently.

It's still early when we go home today
our supervisor is damn cool!
he told us that it's snowing so he said 'u can go back ladies.go play with the snow.' (ouuuh..shoo shweet)
so we took our belongings and rushed outside
and...the snow still falls..ouhhhh lovely!
although it's not that heavy...but makes me smile all the way home.

see...this is the virgin snow in front of my homesweethome:

did u notice that??ada asap2 lagi..sejuk gila babas tauk.

knp snow tu still virgin??
coz there's no footsteps.
so if the snow suda ada footsteps...we call it snow yg takda dara. paham x teori nie anak2?

after taking this shot...i went upstairs...pray and kroihkroihkroih (tido) i wake up early you know..10.30 da bangun..
why oh why?
coz there's hu-ha-hu-ha outside.
ya ampun...the marjonians played with the snow while hu-ha-ing...cannot sleep d.
and it means..the snow is no more sad.

and...there's another thing i wanna mention..
this is the 7th time i went to the toilet..gila!
stomach ache tahap dewadewi.
this is the effect of makan tak igt duniaakhirat yesterday during majlis buka posa asyura.
ya ampun..tobat x maw makan ala2 gergasi lagi.

ba.tat's all seja panda eyes want to shut again.

p/s: countdown;;;;9 days to go..weeehuuu! (what's with the 9 days???bah.l8 i'll give u the update. for now..let's pray my money and ur money will make babies in the atm.amin.)



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i choose to go with the flow

I've been slapped by a friend of mine's status:

"bersangka baiklah denganNya.belum tentu apa yang kamu inginkan adalah terbaik buat kamu"

terima kasih ya kawan kerana berjaya menampar saya dgn cara terhalus di dunia *mata ke depan.tgn di tepi.*
hey hey...did you remember this post? (mari kelik di sini)

It makes me think....what i want is not always the best for me.

and some ppl start to ask...'weh...berenti ka x nie?'

i DO want to quit.
*sapa maw oo kerja penat2 tym org tido (ok..fine.ramai org maw ac2ly)
tp sy maw duit utk boxing day kegunaan masa hadapan.*

but some ppl said...'ngada2...bajet manja.'
and some become really supportive:
    'this is the challenge.'
    'everybody wants this job.u got it. u shud be grateful.'
    'try it first. if you really can't handle it..then stop.' conclusion (skema jugak)...i will just go on.if i can't cope with it...then i'll QUIT.


Monday, December 13, 2010

proses penyakitan hati yang tidak saksesful

sy baru mo sakit ati pagi2..(eyh asi ka sakit ati pagi2??)
tapi apabila sy me-received this message:

 "salam kasih.dengar kata ramai mu penat. rehat elok-elok. God bless yeah."

terus sy x jadi sakit ati.terus jadi terharu ati.
tiba2 rasa mo berlari2 anak memeluk kawan-kawan saya satu persatu sampai pengsan lajulaju

kawan2 sy semua baik2
jadi saya pun harus jadi baik jgk laa tu kan.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

why should i sound so bloody serious?

coz it's about challenges
challenges are part and parcel of life
Allah tests us with so many things
and He has reasons for that
it's a gentle reminder
so we appreciate things in life
so we won't overjoyed by the happiness
and stand strong while facing the hardship

Allah gives us test in variety ways
He tests us with something that we like
and something that we don't like
honestly, it's hard for me to cope with the former.
for i dunno the best way (or even the good way) to handle it.

when He gives us men/ women
when He gives us lots of money and properties
when He gives us free time
when He gives us laughter
when He gives us something that we love (but in fact we shouldn't fall in love)..
these mean...He tests us with something that we like.
He wants to see how we manage those things while still being grateful for what we have..
whether we go overboard or not
and whether we'd say 'alhamdulillah' or we 'lupa dunia'

and guess what..
i owez go overboard.
and..i'll regret it
but it's too late to regret about anything in the past
like what i wrote in here.

this is why i sound so bloody (mcm ganas plak word ni taw) serious
bcoz this IS serious.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

good news!

ho yeah! ho yeah! ari ni x kerja. dapat tido malam2! mari tepuk tangan sampai pengsan.

gud nite world!


Friday, December 10, 2010

.that was enough!.

in matrix,
a girl was crying while washing her clothes in the middle of the night; in the toilet; alone.
she was really upset for she didn't know why she had to do all the washing
it's just stupid because she washed a small bundle of clothes started from night until midnight
she was tired
and upset
but she had to do it because the matrix didn't provide them with washing machine.

the same girl is almost crying while she's 'facing' a huge pile of letters.
there's a looooooooooooooooooot of letters in front of her
and she had to sort them out into categories
it's fun at first
but after sometime...she really wants to vomit.seriously!
she doesn't really want to work actually
but because she wanted to prove to her mum that she CAN be independent like the other siblings,
she accept the job. *which obviously she already failed to prove it :'(  *
the first experience of working is not that fun
it's tiring!
she's officially announce that she hates to see letters.
and..she doesn't care about the money at all.
coz she wants her normal life back!
she doesn't like the idea of being active at midnight.
it's really frustrating.
she doesn't feels like she is she anymore.

now...she would like to announce that.....
she WILL LEAVE this job a.s.a.p!

anyone who interested to work with royal mail
plz pray hard that you will replace this girl's place.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

.of brown high heels and blue wedges. (part 2)

my blue wedges is not that comfortable anymore. i miss my brown heels badly! ='(
lately...somebody loves the wedges. and that somebody already have a gorgeous platform. i don't mind if anyone wants it.take it! take it! but please don't make me look like a fool wearing a wedges.  tell me what's wrong and i will understand it.

if the wedges can talk, can feel, can see...i would like to say: 'please hurt my feet no reaaaaaaaally hurts me.seriously!'

first day working: i thought i can wear the wedges. but my supervisor doesn't allow us to wear any kind of ladies' shoes. but now...even if he allows it...i won't wear it. coz it's nooo longer comfortable.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

fare thee well!


yesterday was my senior's farewell party!
haish..they will depart soon..gonna miss 'em.='(

ok..ok..nemau sedih2.

let's talk about the partey!
eyp eyp...i don't want to write a loooooong essay in here ac2ly...enough with the loooooooong essay in the assignments..i tried to minimise the number of words in this entry.. (ketara betul fed-up buat asenmen kan..huhu).sooo...let the photos tell the story..
al...the dancer.

mari bersenyum bersama beba dan  fatin

zaffy....baim???he loves to inter frame btw.jk..jk..=p

barisan waiter yg gagah perkasa mengangkat dulang hantaran minuman

tracey my lecturer and kak ummu my senior


rakan cam-whore yg berwibawa.

the waitress...pompuan kalerpul tu xmasuk tema. *mari gelengkepalalimaratuskali*

About 10 or 11 pm, every body went back.
soo..who's left?? the waiter...the waitress..the manager...the band-men (is it in the dictionary??)....the emcees...pokoknyaa..all the ppl who involved with the 'belakang tabir' thingy x balek lagi.

since there were not many ppl left in the's a good sign for cam-whoring session. maka pompuan-kalerpul-lari-tema ini pun men-camwhorekan diri. (sila jangan muntah lajulaju)

my supercool senior.kak izz...urang sabah ba nie..ko jangan.

sila abaikan ketidakserasian warna beliau
x cukup dlm room...kita hamek gambar d luar pula.
apa motif???

dear seniors,
may Allah bless your journey ahead.


Monday, December 6, 2010

need ur help!

kenapa saya sangaaat blurrrr???urghhhh!

kalo jumpa saya...tolong tampar saya lajulaju.

*tampar lajulaju ja taw..jgn tampar kuatkuat.*


the adventure of adibah's bday! (LAST episode)

this is the last video..

i cut some part of the bidio kerana sesetengah sesi penjoyahan kami tidak molek untuk tontonan umum.

thank youu soo much girls for coming! love u berabisss!muaaah muaah! (aik..getek lebih2 plak)

nurrul adibah awie juhuran...this is for u: mari click!

 thanks for watching guys (sekali lg..bajet bidio best..hekhek)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

the adventure of adibah's bday! (episode 4)

the surprise-thingy failed!
pengejut jadi terkejut sebab org utk dikejutkan telah turun dapur dgn muka tak terkejut.
haish...nie semua sbb the bbday girl tiba2 turun dapur carik makanan..
tulis byk2 pun xbest..ayoh kita tgk:

ayu kan si adibah nie. *mata ke atas..tgn ke dada*haha


the adventure of adibah's bday! (episode 3)

it's time to complete all the cooking2 things.

haaaa..kan sy suda ckp ..inilaa masakan plg simple di dunia. beli chips dan tros campak ats kuali.dan siap!
sy mmg peminat acapan..kan ain?(erk?)

btw..i cut some part of the video due to the inappropriateness of my sikap...later kena cop bidio 18sx pulak.mati sy.

kisah terkejut mengejut berkejut dan pengejut akan anda saksikan pada episode seterusnyaaa...


the adventure of adibah's bday! (episode 2)

the adventure continued....

the shopping-mopping part!
and the tempting costa!

macchiato yg pahit dan muffin yg memuntahkan.(tp yg peliknya..habis jgk pompuan tu mkn..=p)

nama kedai yg pelik2...buduk and sewel

pengembaraan di city selesai!
next...time to masak2 benda paling simple di dunia!
wait for the next episode ya anak2 (bajet bidio best..ehe)


Saturday, December 4, 2010

the adventure of adibah's bday! (episode 1)

yesterday..4th dec 2010..was my dib's birthday!
let's wish her...HAPPY 21st BDAY! mo type byk2....jd sy cakap dlm bidio seja laa...


it's 2.29 am..and i need my sleep now..
sgt2 ingin tidur..huhu
esok2 laa upload nest episodes k.
nite world!


Friday, December 3, 2010

.run and run away.

During my high-school days,
I didn't like to run
Jogging was a big no-no for me
I didn't like sports too
because I didn't like the hot sun
I didn't like the sweat
I didn't like the tiredness..
ouh..I just realised that these sound bitchy.

When I entered Gaya,
a problem hit me
it hit me so hard until it pushed me to run
the problem seemed  to have no solutions
I tried to run away from it
but it bugged me along the way
so..what I did was...I ran.
I went to Tmn Rimba almost everyday just to RUN physically
ppl think that I run to keep myself fit
Actually, I run because I want to keep myself 'fix'.
Alhamdulillah....I started to appreciate the hot sun
I started to appreciate the sweat
the tiredness.
I ran and I cried along the path..
Ppl didn't ask anything coz they thought the tears were my sweat
and I was glad they didn't notice the fact that I was crying.
Thanks to my sweat.

Here in Marjon,
I don't have my Tmn Rimba
I don't know when my hot sun will shine
My sweat leaves me once she meets the cold winter
I still can run...for sure.
But..during winter??
where should I hide the tears?


Thursday, December 2, 2010

.of brown high heels and blue wedges.

I have a brown high heels back in Msia. That's my first high heels in my life and I love it! I don't really like it at first. But, in times, it becomes comfortable and nice. Although it has been a few years I owned it, it never bite my feet...even once! That's why I love to wear it. But sometimes I feel bored wearing it. So I tried to buy another heels but sadly, they don't suit me well. So I leave the heels in their boxes and put them in my store. The only remaining heels on the shoe rack is the brown one.  I have a dream to buy an expensive heels, but...I know my money can't afford it. Besides, I think expensive heels is meant to be worn by sophisticated girls. And..I'm not one of that girls.  That's why I'm even afraid to take just a glance at that gorgeous-but-expensive heels. coz i know i don't deserve it. ( sad.)

Recently, I owned a blue wedges. I don't like it because it makes me look tooooo tall. I wanted to wear the brown heels but I left it in M'sia.  I ignored the blue wedges for some times because I didn't think it suits me well.  But, recently, I have a crush on it. I love to wear it....even to go shopping! because it helps me a lot to take things from the highest shelves. I can run with it coz it is light. But, still..i miss my brown heels. Yet, recently, the blue wedges seems to distract my mind over the brown heels.  The blue wedges becomes more and more comfortable.  I feel has replaced my brown heels.  May be because I only have the blue wedges...I don't have the brown heels with me.  You know.....high heels and wedges are different.  When I'm wearing heels, I feel confident....when I'm wearing wedges, I feel safe.  But both are comfortable for me.

I's still early to talk about marriage.  But, I planned to wear one of them during my wedding day.  I don't want to wear both.  I have to choose only one coz I don't like the idea of mixing wedges+heels on my wedding day.  My mum loves heels, so may be I should choose the brown heels then.  But I started to like the blue wedges....yet my mum doesn't like wedges. So i don't think she likes the idea of wearing wedges.  If that's the case, may be I should leave the wedges once I finish my study here. May be I will give it to somebody else then.May be....

Or..may be I should leave both...and wear flipflop. or....may be i shall try to wear platform.

ouh...tooo much 'may-be(s)' Let's see what happen next.  I will surely give u the update.I.Allah.