Friday, November 19, 2010

when i was just a little girl...

when i was a little girl, i have lots of silly thoughts...these are seven of 'em:
  • During standard 1 or ustazah said that God always see what you do.Then i thought God has His own sophisticated camera and follows me everywhere..So everytime i was alone...i sing and dance with hope that He will record it and send it to tv3...and i would become rich and famous.

  •  my father said that buncit is cute. i believed i ate a looot. after i had a meal, i will check my stomach. and i would be soooo proud if somebody said that i'm buncit coz for me it meant cute.

  • my mum said we have 7 twins in this world.  I of them is our reflection in the mirror.

  • we learned about heaven and hell during standard 1. my ustaz said we can eat anything in the one of my friends asked, 'can we eat aeroplane?' Then my ustaz said there's nothing impossible in heaven. when i went back home, i keep on wondering, how can we chop the aeroplane? is there such thing like fried aeroplane??or aeroplane soup??how does it taste?

  • I thought love is only between adults..not children.

  • 'Bangunan' is the hardest word to spell.

  • A woman has her period once she applies lipsticks on her lips.



kiorsly said...

I like!! hahahaha.. yg paling first mmg paling lawak~~ ada2 ja ko rama.. huhuhu.. sampai ke situ plak terfikir.. budak2..

ana rama said...

terimas..terimas keranas me'like's.=)

jenJENn said...

haha... same here. suka no1. wakakaa...

and fevret of all.. >> bangunan mmg sgt susah mok spell kan???? LOL!

ana rama said...

masa kecik cam buduh2 kan..hehe