Wednesday, November 17, 2010

what's with the sacrifice-thingy?

sacrifice is a big word really
it's not like you sacrifice your ugly-old-high-heels because u no longer love it
no!it's not what we call a real sacrifice
sacrifice is when you let go/ give up on something/ someone that's valuable and very precious
and you sacrifice it for the sake of Allah.
that's the biggest sacrifice in life.
just like Nabi Ibrahim who's willing to sacrifice his son because of Allah (you know the story aite?)

and i'm trying to do the same
sacrificing things that i love
it hurts
it feels like you don't belong to the world anymore
but like a friend of mine said, 'you let it go because of Him, He will surely replace it with something much much better than that.InsyaAllah.'
so, no worries.
He knows what you do
He knows how much you have suffered
He understands everything.
When you do it because of Him,
it's like you sacrifice a playboy handbag, and out of nowhere, somebody gives you prada.'s amazing aite?
ok..may be the analogy is a bit lame
but...yeah...the point is just..let's sacrifice sincerely!

and..finally i would like to wish you 'SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA'
i would like to apologize if there's something in this blog that hurt/ may hurt your feelings.
i'm a human don't blame me for being imperfect.=)
cheers guys!


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