Thursday, November 18, 2010

the thursday-thingy

my alarm rang at 6.30 am
i pushed the button stop
and didn't realise that i continued sleeping
i forgot what my dream was
what i remember was fantastic! (surely the devil wanted me to sleep, huh)
then...i ended up woke up at 8
haish..bersubuh gajah lagi saya.

then...bcoz i'm tooooo worried with pacik maikel's assignment
i went straight away in front of lappy after subuh-gajah prayer
then...typing everything that came into my mind (and it will surely tunggang langgang laa)
after finishing the 3rd point,
i showered
and took my FIRST breakfast
watched movie
finished part 1 of the movie
i took my SECOND breakfast
then watched another movie
again...i took my THIRD breakfast
and i read shopaholic
3 times breakfast(s) guys! 3 times!
omaigod! doraemon will have his long-lost twin laa after tis.

then, i was about to have my lunch when i suddenly remembered about my discussion that afternoon
so...rushing to the class
then..went to maikel's class
i wasn't fully concentrate though
may be because of the weather (pd hal malas)
then...we had discussion in a group
maigod...i really didn't concentrate
i was about to bejoyah with syu when maikel looked at me
and said 'from ur body language, i could tell that u have done ur work.'
hambek kau...sarcastic tauk.
and yeah..he shoot the question to me
so?? i just merepeklaa...whattodo..
and he nodded
fuh! lega!

then...went back
had lunchner (lunch+dinner)
then..went to the drama theatre(got practice)
then...went back home
and now...i'm stuck in this blog
coz my thoughts keep on wandering
and now it's 12.38
matilaa tomorrow..
no more subuh gajah please.

but hey hey
what's the POINT of writing this?
coz i don't have any POINTS to write my assignment yet.
so cheers peepz!
gudnite world!


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