Tuesday, November 2, 2010

she...who's managed to breathe until now =)

we met for the first time
she's the one that i really wanted to avoid
she's frightened me with the looks in her eyes
as if i'm not needed in the class.

i started to love her
she's not that scary
she acted that way(2007) coz she's just not tat familiar with me

once i know her...
she's just amazing!
she can wear anything perfectly
baju kurung moden
and even a simple t-shirt!
hey, i'm not bluffing
even the other friends say so.

and she's funny!
i still remember the 'blackcurrent' thing
when she should actually said 'blackout'
it's the slip of her tongue
but it's funny
coz she's very serious at that time
and i laughed
in fact the whole class laughed
a real laugh.....

and she's very hardworking
ask her...when did she start doing her assignment?
pretty early.
and honestly
she's one of my influences to start the assignments earlier.

behind that gracefulness
u never know there's strength beneath it
she's encounter lots and lots and lots of problem
which i too...am not sure if i could handle 'em
she cries
but she laughs
the first time i saw her strength
was at the staircase
she told me her problems
and i just stood there
watching her crying
where me too
were trying to hold my tears
ouh...i'm not tat gud aite?

problems hit me
and i didn't know what to do
and i needed someone to talk to
i accidentally came to her house
i forgot what my main purpose was
ouh...blame the short term memory
but what i remember is
i cried
and she consoled me
and honestly...i didn't really care about her advice
but i feel touched with how much she tried so hard to solve my problems
and how she could borrow me
her ears
her time
to listen to what i was saying.

actually there are lots and lots of things that i want to say
but i don't think i can write it down
coz within this 4 years-and-so
our memory is uncountable
and now
november comes to visit us
and it's the month Allah sends you to see the world
and He wants u to arrive at 3rd of november 1989
and now..it's been 21 years you live in this ugly-betty world
so...i would like to make some wishes for you
just for you:
  • may you marry the hunky-handsome-tall ideal man who is chosen by Allah
  • may you live happily ever after even problems 'disturb' you along the way.
  • may you live healthily 
  • may you get the mee goreng mamak that you wish like soo very much
  • may you'll be strong even without him coz you already have Him
  • may our 'sinergi' will be bond tightly forever in this world an hereafter.
and last but not least
i would like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY IYLIA!
potong kueknya..potong kueknya..potong kueknya skrg juga..=)




iylia nie..macik mna pulak?
ha..ni pic dia:

bah.sapa2 mo mntk no fon dia..sila berhubung scara langsung di blog ini.=p


Leeya said...

this is so sweet!!
feels like crying though.. wuwuwu....
i'm so touched!
thankx a lot.
*hugs and kisses

ana rama said...

aku taw ko touched
smpai aku pnya grammar slh pun ko x prasan kan

ur wcome dear..
nothing much ba nie.
*peluks dan ciums*=)

Leeya said...

yeke? who cares about the grammar if the content ifself is already so beautiful kan.. hehehe.. :)
xoxoxoxo <3 <3