Thursday, November 4, 2010

PMS : Penat Menahan Sakit

i can laugh and cry at the same time
i can be really angry and cool at the same time
i can love and hate someone at the same time
i can kick and hug people at the same time

but i don't like to do different things at the same time
but i really do it
and i feel bad about it

i really need a punching bag rite now
desperately need it!
so i won't punch the wrong 'bag'

i hate to blame the 'moon'  for what had happened
coz i'm the one to be blamed
for not knowing how to control my emotions
during the moment of 'Piss-at-Men-Syndrome'(PMS)



Leeya said...

yea.. we are in the same boat. I do feel the same during that time. Sometimes feels like puching myself for being in such condition. gile kan? how hormones can really manipulate us that way. hold on. it will only last atleast a week. hope so.

ana rama said...

and it'll come again after 2 or so weeks.huhu