Monday, November 22, 2010

i was soooo pathetic!

I was crying two hours ago....
and now...I am laughing..
because i just realise that it was soooooo embarrassing
i don't say that crying is embarassing
it's good to release the tension beneath
but...the problem front of the lecturer???'s a HE!
ya Allah...bikin malu malaysia tauk!

but..seriously...i couldn't hold it
just imagine...
my hardwork for 3 hours is gone just like that
because that bloody computer shut down itself in a sudden without me saving anything.
i felt like screaming and slapping anyone.

almost all my friends were happily saying 'bye, SG (my lecturer)' and left because the class was over.
i was just about to curse the computer
but i hold it
i took a deep breath
and tried to re-open that stupid computer.
uncle SG came to me and said 'Ouhh..that's so sad..u have to re-do your work again i'm afraid.'
and i hope he said 'i'm just joking.'
but he didn't.
he gave me his oh-u-are-so-pathetic look
and..yeah..that's the time that bloody tears rolled down my cheek.
and he didn't realise that because he kept on saying something that upset me more.
when he looked at me; crying, he suddenly stop babbling and said something soothing:

'that's alright,'s not your fault. we will do this together alright?don't cry..'

and when somebody say something soothing like that, i tend to cry more
coz i feel touched...(ladies,u know what i mean rite?)
after he promised to help me with my work the next day...
i tried to say thank you
but the 'tears-hiccup' prevented me to do so
then, he laughed and said ' got hiccup.just relax urself before you go back, alright?'
i nodded...
i smiled
i waas soooo embarrassed
that i didn't dare to see his face.
why-lah i had to cry because of that simple thing.
ya ampun.

SG, i hope you won't tell the others what happened today.

didn't i just tell the whole world by posted this entry?
ouh..tiapa laa ba tu kan.



tqa said...

ahahaha. assignment???
kesian pulak tu tau..

Leeya said...

I didn't expect you were having this serious trouble yesterday. huhu..
Sorry, if I did know, I would have help you with something.
erm, if you want to copy mine, let me know k, so that it won't be a waste of time, u can just change the paragraph a bit je la..but no need to re-do everything kan... mau ka?

ana rama said...

AR..asenmen..tu laa sy panas tu.bepeluh2 smpai kuar air mata..huhuhu

ana rama said...'s ok laa iylia..stuart wants 2 help me to re-do that thing 2day.he said 10 minutes pun ble siap..kununlaaa..hehe

Leeya said...

hehe..owkeyh. anything, just lemme know. I'll do what I can do. InsyaAllah. (: