Monday, November 1, 2010

allowance vs shopping

they said allowance will be in on the second/third week of march.what the hen??what is really happening in malaysia rite now??maigod!
let's hope that we will finish our degree here in the uk before we go back for good. amin.

so now...what i should do to save the bloody money are these:
less shopping
less traveling
less top-up-ing
less junk food-ing
less kit-kat-ing

and i thought...ala kacang ba seja tu mo kasi less everything.
jadi ini ni apa:

i'll be dead if every weekend is a shopping day

so now..if i don't have enough money until march
i should blame myself the shopping complex
not the government.



tqa said...

dang! march?? kamu dpt brapa bulan sekali? hari tu kt sama2 masuk oct kan?

ana rama said...

4 bulan skali..ari tu sama2 kta msk bln itu allowance utk nov-feb. kan slalu gov kasi masuk sebulan lg nnt nie dorg ckp may b gov kasi msk lmbt.maka..ayoh kita menjimat!huhu

Leeya said...

love the shoes babe!!

ana rama said...

tenkiu!!ba..pinjam saja kalo mahu ya...ngehngeh.