Thursday, November 25, 2010

25 personal things about anak bongsu pacik rappice

Rules and Regulations:
Once you've been tagged, u r supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goal about u.
At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

Ouh...i've been tagged by mya amyra a.k.a. ika. Since i don't have anything to do rite now, why not give this a try kan. 25 is a waaaayyy tooo much ba kan...i reckon, u might click the icon X before u read until no.10.tapi baca seja laa bah...mmbaca tu kan amalan mulia. bah. i'm honoured to present you the 25 random things about me!ayoh baca!:

    1. I allergic to pink before. But when i entered labuan matrix, my mum bought almost every-pink-things for me. and that's how pink becomes my bestfriend.

2.   I like to play with my hair when i'm cracking my head to do the assignments.

               3.  People call me 'rama'. my family call me 'ana'

4.    I love butterflies.

              5.   I wish to own a complete set of M.A.C. one day. (although i completely dunno how to apply
                    makeup except mascara and compact powder).

6.   One way to forget my problems is by running till i drop/ do any sports that involve hitting (e.g. badminton)

             7.   When i'm crying, i feel uncomfortable when ppl start to ask 'are you okay?'/ 'kesiannya.'

8.   I know almost nothing about technology. fuh!

             9.   Korean drama is tooo good to be true.

10.   I think cats are scary until I meet the cutie mutie oldie Betho.=)

            11.   I learn how to kecek kelate so that i can go shopping easily in kelantan. but people start to
                    laugh when i kecek.  does it mean that i'd better hire a kelantanese to accompany me
                    shopping?? coz i know ppl won't reduce the price when i bargain things there. kan?kan?

12.   I dunno the skills to wake somebody up. in another words, i'm not a good wake-up'er'

            13.   I don't like procrastination...but once i procrastinate, it's hard for me to stop it.

14.  I tend to get nervous when I see dogs. Romantic kan?duh! sy takut laa gilak.

            15.   I'm not good at drawing.

16.   I feel honoured when my sisters ask for my opinion (which they seldom do).

            17.   I love to see an elder brother who really close with his adik2.

18.   Nak kawen!

            19.   I love to sleep early at night...1.30 am is tooooo late for my eyes and brain
                    and body and soul.

20.   I tend to get afraid with my reflection in the mirror especially at night.

            21.  I'm afraid to put my feet under the bed, coz i always imagine 'somebody'
                   will pull my feet in a sudden.

22.  Love colourful things.

            23.   Don't come to me if you already planned siap2 to go....coz it's hard for me to let things go.

24.   He's not mine, and I'm not his...that's why i nak kawen...(asi ka begini?haha)

            25.  Zul ana (Zul dlm bhsa arab means 'kepunyaan'....ana pulak 'saya' so zulana=kepunyaan saya)
                   *suka ati aku seja.*

bah.done! so i will tag those who read this..(naaa...sapa suru kamu baca).



Adib Hitam said...

perasan.. kepunyaan saya konok. :P

ana rama said...

naaa...aku taw msti ada org jeles nie..ahhaa