Monday, November 29, 2010

fight fight fight

Dia datang lagi....

this time...i have to fight.

gonna put aside the lady-ness and fight like a man..(eyp still pompuan yg suka lelaki ya)

semoga hati sy mendengar ckp kali ini.


gud nite uk..
gud morning msia...


Sunday, November 28, 2010


ouwhh..i just realised that i am soo very hardworking..
eyp eyp....nope that kind of HARDWORKING ya anak2..
'hardworking' as in updating this blog almost evryday..
maigod...why laa i can't stop blogging..
siti nurhalija pun x update blog everyday tauk..

today, once again, i show my 'hardworking-ness' by typing this entry.
today is sunday..
and my sunday nite is kinda suck
coz i stuck in my room
i tot i can hit the shuttle today courts ba..
maka...lemak semakin berleluasa dgn bebas.

it's 10.14 pm..
few hours ago....this is what i did:
proses penggemukan bersama eskrim sokolat(above) while reading macik sophie's (below)

but...i started to get bored..
so this is what i did next:
tried to study.but...failed! so kalo mensepahkan buku mcm nie nampak intelligent sikit.kuikuikui.
so, next.......
projek mensepahkan baju-baji...tried to mix n match kunun.
eyh..eyh..bukan ats katil saja...
bwh pun 'kemas' (nasib baek bakal mak mertua tak taw kewujudan blog ini)
sy pandai mensepah...tapi pndai menkemas juga ya kawan2.
tadaaa! (pic ni bole bg nmpak bakal mak mertua *senyum lajulaju*)

katil itu nampak menyelerakan. tidurrr.
selamat malam.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

my part time job

stalking somebody on facebook is fun..
completely fun coz they don't even know it...hahahehehuhuhihihoho*evil laugh* part time job as a stalker is not that fun this sad, huh.

i found lots of things...which make me realise that i do not deserve 'it'.

well...may be not yet deserve 'it'.

it's like 'in-ur-face!' kinda thing u know.

but..somehow it's a good thing laa..

at least i know what is what and which is which..

should i post 'thank you' on that person's wall??
. BIG no..

i still want to remain as a part time stalker btw. *winkwink*


Friday, November 26, 2010

lawatan sambil makan di warung mekdi

kunun2 'perintah berkurung untuk penghuni bilik 14E' (my status on skype)

but suddenly somebody said...'let's go to mekdi!'

my heart n brain said 'NO!have to finish the assignment first.'

but few minutes later..aik.....what on earth am i doing in mekdi???

ouhh..rupanya my mouth said 'YES! mekdi comes first, asenmen comes later!' (bertuah punya budak!)

dib.....hikhok style.

the adventure begins.

demi mekdi..mereka snggup bersejuk

tadaaa...selamat smpai di mekdi. tgklah betapa bertenaganya mereka makan.

saturang tu nmpk chips terus tdk igt kamera suda.

this is spicy vegie.dabel triple yummmeyh!

cokelat muffin..nyumnyum!baik utk menggendutkan badan.

hot choc! sheeedappp!

the true msian! (sbb makan byk)
tadaaa.nie laa tukang amek gmbar.

i ate a loooooooot.

muffin+spicy vegie+fillet o fish + some fries (curi dib punya) + hot choc

sy telah membina badan dgn jayanyaa di mekdi.terima kasih mekdi! sy terharu.

emzed...get well soon. take care. ='(


Thursday, November 25, 2010

you come....then you go.

why do you have to go?
can't you stay just for a while?
and tell me what had happened?
what is the real problem?
so i could understand.

i'm searching but i feel stupid..
especially today...

(ouh...mlm2 mmg ada sedikit emo ya kawan2.)


25 personal things about anak bongsu pacik rappice

Rules and Regulations:
Once you've been tagged, u r supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goal about u.
At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

Ouh...i've been tagged by mya amyra a.k.a. ika. Since i don't have anything to do rite now, why not give this a try kan. 25 is a waaaayyy tooo much ba kan...i reckon, u might click the icon X before u read until no.10.tapi baca seja laa bah...mmbaca tu kan amalan mulia. bah. i'm honoured to present you the 25 random things about me!ayoh baca!:

    1. I allergic to pink before. But when i entered labuan matrix, my mum bought almost every-pink-things for me. and that's how pink becomes my bestfriend.

2.   I like to play with my hair when i'm cracking my head to do the assignments.

               3.  People call me 'rama'. my family call me 'ana'

4.    I love butterflies.

              5.   I wish to own a complete set of M.A.C. one day. (although i completely dunno how to apply
                    makeup except mascara and compact powder).

6.   One way to forget my problems is by running till i drop/ do any sports that involve hitting (e.g. badminton)

             7.   When i'm crying, i feel uncomfortable when ppl start to ask 'are you okay?'/ 'kesiannya.'

8.   I know almost nothing about technology. fuh!

             9.   Korean drama is tooo good to be true.

10.   I think cats are scary until I meet the cutie mutie oldie Betho.=)

            11.   I learn how to kecek kelate so that i can go shopping easily in kelantan. but people start to
                    laugh when i kecek.  does it mean that i'd better hire a kelantanese to accompany me
                    shopping?? coz i know ppl won't reduce the price when i bargain things there. kan?kan?

12.   I dunno the skills to wake somebody up. in another words, i'm not a good wake-up'er'

            13.   I don't like procrastination...but once i procrastinate, it's hard for me to stop it.

14.  I tend to get nervous when I see dogs. Romantic kan?duh! sy takut laa gilak.

            15.   I'm not good at drawing.

16.   I feel honoured when my sisters ask for my opinion (which they seldom do).

            17.   I love to see an elder brother who really close with his adik2.

18.   Nak kawen!

            19.   I love to sleep early at night...1.30 am is tooooo late for my eyes and brain
                    and body and soul.

20.   I tend to get afraid with my reflection in the mirror especially at night.

            21.  I'm afraid to put my feet under the bed, coz i always imagine 'somebody'
                   will pull my feet in a sudden.

22.  Love colourful things.

            23.   Don't come to me if you already planned siap2 to go....coz it's hard for me to let things go.

24.   He's not mine, and I'm not his...that's why i nak kawen...(asi ka begini?haha)

            25.  Zul ana (Zul dlm bhsa arab means 'kepunyaan'....ana pulak 'saya' so zulana=kepunyaan saya)
                   *suka ati aku seja.*

bah.done! so i will tag those who read this..(naaa...sapa suru kamu baca).


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hari rasa-jahat sedunia.

maka dengan ini sy mengumumkan bahawa hari ini adalah hari untuk membuat saya rasa jahat sedunia.
terima kasih ya kawan2, abang2, adik2,  kakak2.
semoga esok tidak buat lagi
kerana jahat sungguh rasa jahat ini.
puan buku dan tuan asenmen pun tak suka tgk saya di saat-saat sy rasa jahat.
sy tidak blame kawan2, abang2, adik2, kakak2 semua..
sy blame diri sy yg agak penjahat ini.

akhir kata
sy harus tidur
dengan harapan rasa jahat dan penjahat dlm diri ini tidak akan tumbuh mekar sehingga esok hari..
I.Allah ya anak2.amin.


what's on my mind??

I'm thinking about how I can fix our problem (or shud i say, my problem??)
I'm thinking about how I can call you without saying nasty statements.
I'm thinking about how I can fill my mind with positive thoughts.
I'm thinking about how to make you feel better of yourself.
I'm thinking about how I can control this unstable hormone so that you and I will be in a stable mode.
I'm thinking about what I can do to be more understanding.
I'm thinking about how the blog-thingy can make me upset...which is ridiculous.
I'm thinking about writing this on fb...but after second thought,
  I think it's better to write it here
  coz it's quite long
  and above all, it's personal. 


I'm thinking about you when i write this.



Monday, November 22, 2010

i was soooo pathetic!

I was crying two hours ago....
and now...I am laughing..
because i just realise that it was soooooo embarrassing
i don't say that crying is embarassing
it's good to release the tension beneath
but...the problem front of the lecturer???'s a HE!
ya Allah...bikin malu malaysia tauk!

but..seriously...i couldn't hold it
just imagine...
my hardwork for 3 hours is gone just like that
because that bloody computer shut down itself in a sudden without me saving anything.
i felt like screaming and slapping anyone.

almost all my friends were happily saying 'bye, SG (my lecturer)' and left because the class was over.
i was just about to curse the computer
but i hold it
i took a deep breath
and tried to re-open that stupid computer.
uncle SG came to me and said 'Ouhh..that's so sad..u have to re-do your work again i'm afraid.'
and i hope he said 'i'm just joking.'
but he didn't.
he gave me his oh-u-are-so-pathetic look
and..yeah..that's the time that bloody tears rolled down my cheek.
and he didn't realise that because he kept on saying something that upset me more.
when he looked at me; crying, he suddenly stop babbling and said something soothing:

'that's alright,'s not your fault. we will do this together alright?don't cry..'

and when somebody say something soothing like that, i tend to cry more
coz i feel touched...(ladies,u know what i mean rite?)
after he promised to help me with my work the next day...
i tried to say thank you
but the 'tears-hiccup' prevented me to do so
then, he laughed and said ' got hiccup.just relax urself before you go back, alright?'
i nodded...
i smiled
i waas soooo embarrassed
that i didn't dare to see his face.
why-lah i had to cry because of that simple thing.
ya ampun.

SG, i hope you won't tell the others what happened today.

didn't i just tell the whole world by posted this entry?
ouh..tiapa laa ba tu kan.


Friday, November 19, 2010

when i was just a little girl...

when i was a little girl, i have lots of silly thoughts...these are seven of 'em:
  • During standard 1 or ustazah said that God always see what you do.Then i thought God has His own sophisticated camera and follows me everywhere..So everytime i was alone...i sing and dance with hope that He will record it and send it to tv3...and i would become rich and famous.

  •  my father said that buncit is cute. i believed i ate a looot. after i had a meal, i will check my stomach. and i would be soooo proud if somebody said that i'm buncit coz for me it meant cute.

  • my mum said we have 7 twins in this world.  I of them is our reflection in the mirror.

  • we learned about heaven and hell during standard 1. my ustaz said we can eat anything in the one of my friends asked, 'can we eat aeroplane?' Then my ustaz said there's nothing impossible in heaven. when i went back home, i keep on wondering, how can we chop the aeroplane? is there such thing like fried aeroplane??or aeroplane soup??how does it taste?

  • I thought love is only between adults..not children.

  • 'Bangunan' is the hardest word to spell.

  • A woman has her period once she applies lipsticks on her lips.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

the thursday-thingy

my alarm rang at 6.30 am
i pushed the button stop
and didn't realise that i continued sleeping
i forgot what my dream was
what i remember was fantastic! (surely the devil wanted me to sleep, huh)
then...i ended up woke up at 8
haish..bersubuh gajah lagi saya.

then...bcoz i'm tooooo worried with pacik maikel's assignment
i went straight away in front of lappy after subuh-gajah prayer
then...typing everything that came into my mind (and it will surely tunggang langgang laa)
after finishing the 3rd point,
i showered
and took my FIRST breakfast
watched movie
finished part 1 of the movie
i took my SECOND breakfast
then watched another movie
again...i took my THIRD breakfast
and i read shopaholic
3 times breakfast(s) guys! 3 times!
omaigod! doraemon will have his long-lost twin laa after tis.

then, i was about to have my lunch when i suddenly remembered about my discussion that afternoon
so...rushing to the class
then..went to maikel's class
i wasn't fully concentrate though
may be because of the weather (pd hal malas)
then...we had discussion in a group
maigod...i really didn't concentrate
i was about to bejoyah with syu when maikel looked at me
and said 'from ur body language, i could tell that u have done ur work.'
hambek kau...sarcastic tauk.
and yeah..he shoot the question to me
so?? i just merepeklaa...whattodo..
and he nodded
fuh! lega!

then...went back
had lunchner (lunch+dinner)
then..went to the drama theatre(got practice)
then...went back home
and now...i'm stuck in this blog
coz my thoughts keep on wandering
and now it's 12.38
matilaa tomorrow..
no more subuh gajah please.

but hey hey
what's the POINT of writing this?
coz i don't have any POINTS to write my assignment yet.
so cheers peepz!
gudnite world!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

what's with the sacrifice-thingy?

sacrifice is a big word really
it's not like you sacrifice your ugly-old-high-heels because u no longer love it
no!it's not what we call a real sacrifice
sacrifice is when you let go/ give up on something/ someone that's valuable and very precious
and you sacrifice it for the sake of Allah.
that's the biggest sacrifice in life.
just like Nabi Ibrahim who's willing to sacrifice his son because of Allah (you know the story aite?)

and i'm trying to do the same
sacrificing things that i love
it hurts
it feels like you don't belong to the world anymore
but like a friend of mine said, 'you let it go because of Him, He will surely replace it with something much much better than that.InsyaAllah.'
so, no worries.
He knows what you do
He knows how much you have suffered
He understands everything.
When you do it because of Him,
it's like you sacrifice a playboy handbag, and out of nowhere, somebody gives you prada.'s amazing aite?
ok..may be the analogy is a bit lame
but...yeah...the point is just..let's sacrifice sincerely!

and..finally i would like to wish you 'SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA'
i would like to apologize if there's something in this blog that hurt/ may hurt your feelings.
i'm a human don't blame me for being imperfect.=)
cheers guys!


Monday, November 15, 2010

when things go wrong

i love to console myself with this song:


Thursday, November 11, 2010

.no regrets.

u have chosen that path
u are the one who decided to choose it
so...why should u bother about it anyway?
it's already happened
tears won't solve anything
focus on what will happen next
not what had happened in the past
nobody walk backwards
so...move forward then.



i sit in front of my lappy
i'm very happy coz something nice just hit me
so i open the you tube
and i'm very very eager to listen to this song
half way...the song stops
because the video is buffering
then i click another song while waiting for that first song to buffer
then the same situation happens
i open another video happens again
and again
and again

what on earth is happening to marjon's internet system??
it's very iritating FGS!

hate this,

Monday, November 8, 2010

ketawa sana sini

tadi ketawa-ketawa
bebel sana bebel sini
menjoyah sana menjoyah sini
tepuk tampar
ketawa guling-guling

masuk bilik
terus senyap tiba-tiba
knp xketawa lagi?
knp x teguling-guling?

dalam bilik
sy sendiri

sy baru sedar
sy suka tgk kawan2 sy ketawa
bila dorang ketawa
sy pun sebok maw ketawa

tapi dlm bilik
sy xnampak kawan2 sy
yg ada cuma sy dan Dia

sy terpikir jugak
xkan maw ketawa selalu
kalau selalu nanti jemu
hati mati,otak beku


.notts lagi.

amal,aufa,rama...i just loooove the tree

notts sangaaat besar.they got west,east,north n south entrance.(rama,wani,aufa,ain)

peace kembung korea2

she's aufa.shantek kan?

tertangkap curi2

waiting for our meals.

eyh..eyh..itu saya.

wani ain adiba rama amal

mewrah membawre-bawre

in front of portland building.
-i took this from aufa's fb.-


Sunday, November 7, 2010

when winter says 'hello'

it's raining..
it's very dark..
it's cold..

and that's when the common sickness strikes me.

but i have to be strong..
coz the strongest usually survive..

good nite world.


i'm not notty in notts.

i have uploaded the notts' pictures in fb.
but these are the quite-personal pictures that i think are better to be uploaded here.

teka knp sy senyum?sbb dorng kasi ketawa sy.

in front of portland building.

ini menunjukkan betapa gemuknya saya.

ini namanya muka bidak.ya ampun.knp laa sy pose mcm begitu.

that's all.
and one more thing
i didn't manage to go to the city of notts.
means...i didn't buy anything..even the little thing like key chain!
kesian kan.


Friday, November 5, 2010

.leaving plymouth.

melihat kebesaran Tuhan yg
diciptakan utk mereka yg berfikir
dan bersyukur..........."
(mirwana 'hikmah kembara')

InsyaAllah..i'll be leaving plymouth
not forever..
just for a few hours (sehari ja pun..huhu)

hopefully tis journey will bring us closer to Him..amin.

nottingham...plz welcome us gently!=)


Thursday, November 4, 2010

PMS : Penat Menahan Sakit

i can laugh and cry at the same time
i can be really angry and cool at the same time
i can love and hate someone at the same time
i can kick and hug people at the same time

but i don't like to do different things at the same time
but i really do it
and i feel bad about it

i really need a punching bag rite now
desperately need it!
so i won't punch the wrong 'bag'

i hate to blame the 'moon'  for what had happened
coz i'm the one to be blamed
for not knowing how to control my emotions
during the moment of 'Piss-at-Men-Syndrome'(PMS)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

she...who's managed to breathe until now =)

we met for the first time
she's the one that i really wanted to avoid
she's frightened me with the looks in her eyes
as if i'm not needed in the class.

i started to love her
she's not that scary
she acted that way(2007) coz she's just not tat familiar with me

once i know her...
she's just amazing!
she can wear anything perfectly
baju kurung moden
and even a simple t-shirt!
hey, i'm not bluffing
even the other friends say so.

and she's funny!
i still remember the 'blackcurrent' thing
when she should actually said 'blackout'
it's the slip of her tongue
but it's funny
coz she's very serious at that time
and i laughed
in fact the whole class laughed
a real laugh.....

and she's very hardworking
ask her...when did she start doing her assignment?
pretty early.
and honestly
she's one of my influences to start the assignments earlier.

behind that gracefulness
u never know there's strength beneath it
she's encounter lots and lots and lots of problem
which i not sure if i could handle 'em
she cries
but she laughs
the first time i saw her strength
was at the staircase
she told me her problems
and i just stood there
watching her crying
where me too
were trying to hold my tears
ouh...i'm not tat gud aite?

problems hit me
and i didn't know what to do
and i needed someone to talk to
i accidentally came to her house
i forgot what my main purpose was
ouh...blame the short term memory
but what i remember is
i cried
and she consoled me
and honestly...i didn't really care about her advice
but i feel touched with how much she tried so hard to solve my problems
and how she could borrow me
her ears
her time
to listen to what i was saying.

actually there are lots and lots of things that i want to say
but i don't think i can write it down
coz within this 4 years-and-so
our memory is uncountable
and now
november comes to visit us
and it's the month Allah sends you to see the world
and He wants u to arrive at 3rd of november 1989
and's been 21 years you live in this ugly-betty world
so...i would like to make some wishes for you
just for you:
  • may you marry the hunky-handsome-tall ideal man who is chosen by Allah
  • may you live happily ever after even problems 'disturb' you along the way.
  • may you live healthily 
  • may you get the mee goreng mamak that you wish like soo very much
  • may you'll be strong even without him coz you already have Him
  • may our 'sinergi' will be bond tightly forever in this world an hereafter.
and last but not least
i would like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY IYLIA!
potong kueknya..potong kueknya..potong kueknya skrg juga..=)




iylia nie..macik mna pulak? pic dia:

bah.sapa2 mo mntk no fon dia..sila berhubung scara langsung di blog ini.=p

Monday, November 1, 2010

cerita tentang pokok depan rumah saya

masa autumn,
pokok depan rumah saya
daun-daunnya kaler kuning2 oren
lepas tu jatuh berguguran satu persatu (pergh!bhsa ka lagi)
suasana sgt suka.=)

selepas itu dtg pulak winter...
pokok depan rumah saya dah botak
senang cerita pokok tu suda mati laa time nie
ranting pun rapuh ja
cuba kamu try kasi patah ranting pokok time winter
guna jari pun bole.=)

setelah boxing day krismas berlalu
beberapa bulan/minggu pas tu...
spring pun datang
spring cantek!
byk bunga
suasana jadi kalerful
pokok depan rumah saya
dah mula mengeluarkan bunga
kaler pink+purple

buka tingkap pukul 5 pagi
aik!dah cerah cam 12 tgh hari
oh..rupanya dah summer
pokok depan rumah saya
makin kukuh di atas akarnya
bunga2 nya makin mengembang (btolka ni ayat)
daun2 nya makin menghijau

tidak lama kemudian
pokok depan rumah saya
akan mati sekali lagi
prosesnya sama
summer dia 'hidup gumbira segar bugar'
spring dia masih 'bernyawa'
autumn dia mula 'sakit'
winter dia 'mati'

pokok depan rumah saya
adalah salah satu metaphor terbaik
yg Allah bagi utk manusia
'setiap yg hidup pasti akan mati'
kalau Allah dah tetapkan ajal..xda sapa dpt menolak
macam pokok depan rumah saya jugak

pokok depan rumah saya itu
dapat hidup kembali setelah Allah 'cabut nyawanya'
without letak baja pun dia tetap ble hidup
tapi manusia??
bole pikir sendiri kan...
Allah xprovide dua nyawa utk kita
kita seperti pokok di malaysia
sudah mati...matilah..

pokok depan rumah saya mati
sebab Allah dah tentukan jadual hidupnya utk 4 musim
tapi pokok di malaysia tidak
kdg2 dia mati sebab xcukup baja..
sungguh ajaib ciptaan Allah kan
pokok yg mati bole hidup kembali
macam pokok depan rumah saya.

inilah pokok depan rumah saya time winter

p/s:i don't hve pictures for tis tree during summer spring n autumn.


allowance vs shopping

they said allowance will be in on the second/third week of march.what the hen??what is really happening in malaysia rite now??maigod!
let's hope that we will finish our degree here in the uk before we go back for good. amin.

so now...what i should do to save the bloody money are these:
less shopping
less traveling
less top-up-ing
less junk food-ing
less kit-kat-ing

and i thought...ala kacang ba seja tu mo kasi less everything.
jadi ini ni apa:

i'll be dead if every weekend is a shopping day

so now..if i don't have enough money until march
i should blame myself the shopping complex
not the government.