Sunday, October 10, 2010

what's in my head

Marriage is such a hot topic in Plymouth. be specific..among malaysian students. Err..tipu.actually marriage is such a hot topic in my head. *blush*

the more i want to avoid thinking about marriage, the more i want to get married. hey hey..don't get me wrong here. jgn pikir kotor2 aah.dosa tau... kan kahwin tu menyempurnakan separuh drpd agama? am i aite?

lately, i realised that marriage-thingy takes lots of space in my head. and..perhaps it's because:
-there's a lot of wedding albums in the fb. and the photos are FANTASTIC! everything's soooo PERFECT!ya ampun.jeles tauk.
-i came across a blog (in fact blogs)...which tell me how wonderful marriage is. xpecaya? here and here
-all my sisters da kawen. and the next turn is...ME.
-three of my seniors da kawen...
-i miss him. *teary eyed*

but i's not my time yet. i'm still studying. and i dont think i can carry so much responsibilities at one time. and..before i become a 'puan', i will try to fulfill these (my boyfriend husband-to-be...plz remind me of these things):
-give my first gaji to my mak.
-'transform' from salah to soleh(ah)
-buy a house
-buy a car
-bljr masak sedap2

and..i don't think i can fulfill these in 2 or 3 years of time. Maybe 5 or 6 years..or may be more. who knows kan. so...MZ, don't worry. u still have enough time to prepare the money for hantaran. sy maw 6 angka aah.hahaha...kidding2.



A girl said...

Ko layak sudah kawin.. :P

ana rama said...

hahaa..pengantin lelaki blom ready ba.