Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sophie kinsella's latest novel!

The latest novel of sophie kinsella is finally released!
here it is!!
I finally owned it!!!!!!!

Fatin-the-housmet bought it for me.
Thank you, dear! i love u berabiss la!
ouh..btw the uk price is 9 pound something.
so it's around RM45.
It's a hard-cover book. usual..she starts the first sentence with "ok..don't panic..."
and...i've finished reading the first chapter...and it's AWESOME!
how i wish i could shop like nobody business!
but it's just a wish bah kan.
islam kan x menggalakkan umatnya membazir. (ecece...pd hal kalo shopping x igt dunia akhirat)

ok...and i oso found this book in the charity shop:
'The gatecrasher'
the story-line is slightly different from her shopaholic-series.
this is more serious (but not that serious).
fun as well (but not as fun as shopaholic)
that's why she used her real name: madeleine wickham (it sounds more serious. sophie kinsella; sounds getek)
the price: 1.50 pound
can u imagine??! 1.50 pound!!!
that's damn cheap guys.
it's about RM6!
bah.tgk jugak d mana sy beli kan.CHARITY SHOP baitu.maka..murahlah.

Bah. i got two novels to be read. 
and i'm soooo freaking excited to read them.
but i have a problem,
sapa mo bacakan buku ni utk sy??:



tqa said...

LOL! buku biru tu mari sy tlg. haha..
sbb sem lepas suda guna buku tu ;P

ana rama said...

hahaa..ac2ly sem lps pun ada guna buku nie.
tp x khatam2 lagi smpai skrg..(geleng2 1500x)