Thursday, October 21, 2010

sophie kinsella.AGAIN!

i AM really into her! (ya ampun! it sounds a bit lesbo tauk.)
i went to asda just now..
n see what i've bought! :

it's her novel. AGAIN!
si sophie sngaja kasi kuar novel byk2 nie spaya aku x layan asenmen.

ouhh..btw for those who are interested to own this's only 3.86 pound= RM 15+.
i'm not sure about the exact price in malaysia. u better check it in popular or somewhere else.
bcoz sometimes kinsella's book is about 30+. and i think that's the cheapest.
some book stores sell it for 40+ (haih..penipu btol)

there's another book-to-read and here it is:
i've suggested this book to MZ last week
and finally i got it.
this is not mine..
i borrowed from auni (ouhh..thank you dear!)
maka akan bertambahlah list buku utk di baca. (carik nahas btol kan)

p/s: mz....aress!!


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