Wednesday, October 20, 2010

.skotlen or mencester.

winter-break is just around the corner (ceh...ayt skema)
i've planned something for this winter-break.
i wanna go to manchester..badly!
but but but
there's a BIG but..
my friends asked me whether i wanna join them to scotland or not..
i wanna go to scotland indeed
but...i wanna go to manchester too
they said 'manchester can go anytime ba.'
but but but
again there's a BIG but..
i want to 'celebrate' the boxing day in manchester..
why?? bcoz i wanna feel the 'perebutan baju2 chantek-branded-lagi-murah-mo-mampus' in manchester..
plus..i wanna go to M.U. stadium a.k.a M.Z. stadium

so so so
they said why dont u go to both places instead?
i want too..but sy bukan menantu raja kan.
so so so
i decided to drop scotland
and take manchester.
what say you?


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