Monday, October 11, 2010

.shall move on.

even if you fall from your grip
even if it's hard for you to creep
even if you fail to do stuff
and people started to laugh
even if people reject your thought
until you afraid to talk a lot
even if people rip up your heart
until life becomes so hard
even if you feel lonely
even if you feel tiny
even if you screwed up
even if solutions never turn up....

you shall just move on.
coz if you refuse, you will stay there like forever.
everything will get better in time; as long as you know how to move on.
so..start with your first step...and you will realise that the first step will lead to another steps.

*ouhh..blame the pms for making me think so much*



A girl said...

Rama.. i love this post. It's so inspiring (is this word ever exist?) hehe

ana rama said...

exist ba kalo ko.haha

A girl said...

neway, u write this urself?

ana rama said...

ha'ah.y?lots of grammar mistakes ka?hihi.