Saturday, October 16, 2010

.kejadian yg terjadi.


wah wah..something's new there.what?what?
the 'assalamualaikum'.hehe..bukan buang tebiat's just that i want to be more islamic..ececeh..
btol2 bah nie.huhu.

bah.i just got back from jogging.
duh~ jogging kunun.pd hal pegi mcD...

n then they said allowance is already in.
after went for a mcD-walk...we just straight away went to the cash machine.
key in the pin number clumsily
click 'check balance'
**.90 pounds popped out.
i checked again.
still **.90.
ya ampun!
i haven't received the allowance YET.
punya lembab tu lloyds bank. ckp ada hikmahnya..mna taw i get more than anyone else get kan.*which is impossible*

actually we have 'fiqh musafir' today. it's a-must-to-have event for oversea students (i think).
it's a guideline for muslim students who live in the uk regarding the dos and donts while we are here.

then someone asked 'tak pegi fiqh musafir?'
saya ckp 'tidak.sbb allowance dak masuk lagi.'

ok.jawapan sy mmg sungguh teda kaitan.


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