Wednesday, October 13, 2010

gay or guy

"He's straight." my male-friend said.

"How do u know?"

"Bcoz he dared to make eye-contact with me.."

then, tejumpa si jejaka mata biru yesterday.

"straight or gay?" i asked.


"yes! ada chance!hahaha!" i said.


"do you know...there's another technique to recognise whether that person is a gay or a guy." he said again.

ok.this is interesting! i smiled.

"how?" sy bertanya dgn penuh ke-eager-an.

"the way he eats ice-cream."

"huh?" sy blur.

"ok.forget it rama." he said smbil tersenyum getek.

and i was like..makan ice-cream??got difference meh?

*if you guys know what he meant by saying that,please inform me as soon as possible. (ceh.mcm penting sgt  ja kan..haha)*


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