Saturday, October 30, 2010

behind this not-so-hazel eyes

i see a girl is confused
coz she doesn't know who to choose
i see a girl smiles
but there are tears in her eyes
i see a girl is worried
coz things she buys are not worth-it
i see a girl being threatened
for what she calls love
i see a girl wants to sing
but all she can do is miming
i see a girl who wants to sleep
but her thoughts are awake

i also see a boy who's being nice
but deep inside he wants something else
i see a boy laughs
coz he proud to own the owner
i see a boy refuses to confess
coz he doesn't want a 'NO'
i see a boy cries
a real genuine tears
i see a boy who says 'goodbye'
and never come back.

i see a boy who says 'hello'
and never turns back to say 'goodbye'

and i hope it's you
coz my not-so-hazel eyes don't want to let you go.



Leeya said...

Dah mula berjinak2 compose poem, mantap! :)

ana rama said...

poem aku x laa semantop poem ko..=)

AAMY said...

korang memang blaja wat poem yer..
mantap2.. good luck study!

ana rama said...

we just read.but we never learn to write one.