Sunday, October 31, 2010

can't help myself

i patient is what i should do
i know...a change is not as easy as abc or 123
coz it involves neither alphabets
nor numbers
it involves attitude
and the hardest one; sacrifice
i'm glad to know
you're ready to support me
and it means you're willing to sacrifice
u tell me to be strong
do u think that i can be THAT strong??
i hope i will
coz i really wanna change
i'll try to be strong everyday
and everynight
but tonight is an exception
coz these two eyes are too notty
they just burst into tears.....

"!uoy ssim i"


Saturday, October 30, 2010

behind this not-so-hazel eyes

i see a girl is confused
coz she doesn't know who to choose
i see a girl smiles
but there are tears in her eyes
i see a girl is worried
coz things she buys are not worth-it
i see a girl being threatened
for what she calls love
i see a girl wants to sing
but all she can do is miming
i see a girl who wants to sleep
but her thoughts are awake

i also see a boy who's being nice
but deep inside he wants something else
i see a boy laughs
coz he proud to own the owner
i see a boy refuses to confess
coz he doesn't want a 'NO'
i see a boy cries
a real genuine tears
i see a boy who says 'goodbye'
and never come back.

i see a boy who says 'hello'
and never turns back to say 'goodbye'

and i hope it's you
coz my not-so-hazel eyes don't want to let you go.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

.the 7 reasons.

the 7 reasons why i'm still awake:

-my brain is working soooo hard....thinking about nothing.
-my bed is miserable (in other word...MESSY)
-there are lots and lots of readings to read (mari salahkan maikel n roisin beramai2)
-i'm hungry but i don't wanna eat (ppl say: makan-tgh-mlm-perut-buncit.nonsense! but i believe it.)
-em-zed is busy (maka apa kaitan?huhu)
-my eyes are sooo notty. they want to see things. they don't wanna shut.
-my leg hurts. (tu laa..tunjuk champion masa badminton. booo!)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

things to sell

H&M blouse, size 8

Topshop, size 8

Life&Legend, size M

Redherring, size 10
these are the blouses/shirts that i want to sell in ebay.
i haven't posted it in the ebay coz there's still 'Sale' here and there in the shopping complexes. fashionable friend, clare will do it for me..may be in the next couple of months (wait until the sale is over).

so..what's the motif of uploading these pictures here??
ouh...coz i'm bored...

and...juz in case u guys are visit the ebay plz.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

the handsome mr ferrero is seducing me!

inilaaaa mr ferrero yg gatal itu.
the reasons for eating 7 ferrero(s) in no time:

1. i dont have the mood to exercise (be it in the morning or even in the evening)
2. i am soooooooo bored like i don't have anything to cheer me up other than the gorgeous mr ferrero
3. i don't feel like studying
4. it's weekend and i'm stuck in my room the whole day. i have planned something...but i didn't manage to do it. (booo me!!)
5. rindu mak yg anggun...rindu kakak2 pembuli yg comel...rindu em-zed yg pensabar. of the happy-things that i can think of is: eat 7 ferrero roche(s) while drinking milk shake sampai pengsan.

somehow..i do feel guilty..

ya...ya...some will say..ala setakat makan 7 cokelat pun mo kempen ka?
ya ampun....7 are waayyy toooo much tauk. with tat fatty milk shake lagi..
my size 8 dresses are screaming rite now....'no!no!plz don't eat toooo much cokelat..l8 i won't be able to fit u in!'

ouhh...having a size 8 stuffs are very important's utterly important especially during boxing day.why? coz u don't have to fight with the 'big' omputeh n negero to have the cute little size-8 dress. make sense kan?


Saturday, October 23, 2010

ber-shopping utk sihat dan kuat!

i was sooo freaking tired yesterday...
shopping from 9.30 am till 5 pm.. is good for ur health; physically and mentally taw..

 -walk from one shop to another with ur hands full of shopping bags.
    it equals to: jogging and exercise with dumbbell.

 -u have to think and re-think the best dress/blouse/shoes/anything to buy; u make comparison...u do some calculations...then u decide to buy or not to buy.
  it equals to: solving sudoku. (suka ati aku seja)




i bought a super cool bedsheet (sy rasalaa).

cool kan?comel kan? getek ja soalan.
actually mo kasi sedap hati ba seja nie
sbb bedsheet kaler pink kemarin tu cantik mo mampus tapi mahal.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

sophie kinsella.AGAIN!

i AM really into her! (ya ampun! it sounds a bit lesbo tauk.)
i went to asda just now..
n see what i've bought! :

it's her novel. AGAIN!
si sophie sngaja kasi kuar novel byk2 nie spaya aku x layan asenmen.

ouhh..btw for those who are interested to own this's only 3.86 pound= RM 15+.
i'm not sure about the exact price in malaysia. u better check it in popular or somewhere else.
bcoz sometimes kinsella's book is about 30+. and i think that's the cheapest.
some book stores sell it for 40+ (haih..penipu btol)

there's another book-to-read and here it is:
i've suggested this book to MZ last week
and finally i got it.
this is not mine..
i borrowed from auni (ouhh..thank you dear!)
maka akan bertambahlah list buku utk di baca. (carik nahas btol kan)

p/s: mz....aress!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sophie kinsella's latest novel!

The latest novel of sophie kinsella is finally released!
here it is!!
I finally owned it!!!!!!!

Fatin-the-housmet bought it for me.
Thank you, dear! i love u berabiss la!
ouh..btw the uk price is 9 pound something.
so it's around RM45.
It's a hard-cover book. usual..she starts the first sentence with "ok..don't panic..."
and...i've finished reading the first chapter...and it's AWESOME!
how i wish i could shop like nobody business!
but it's just a wish bah kan.
islam kan x menggalakkan umatnya membazir. (ecece...pd hal kalo shopping x igt dunia akhirat)

ok...and i oso found this book in the charity shop:
'The gatecrasher'
the story-line is slightly different from her shopaholic-series.
this is more serious (but not that serious).
fun as well (but not as fun as shopaholic)
that's why she used her real name: madeleine wickham (it sounds more serious. sophie kinsella; sounds getek)
the price: 1.50 pound
can u imagine??! 1.50 pound!!!
that's damn cheap guys.
it's about RM6!
bah.tgk jugak d mana sy beli kan.CHARITY SHOP baitu.maka..murahlah.

Bah. i got two novels to be read. 
and i'm soooo freaking excited to read them.
but i have a problem,
sapa mo bacakan buku ni utk sy??:


.skotlen or mencester.

winter-break is just around the corner (ceh...ayt skema)
i've planned something for this winter-break.
i wanna go to manchester..badly!
but but but
there's a BIG but..
my friends asked me whether i wanna join them to scotland or not..
i wanna go to scotland indeed
but...i wanna go to manchester too
they said 'manchester can go anytime ba.'
but but but
again there's a BIG but..
i want to 'celebrate' the boxing day in manchester..
why?? bcoz i wanna feel the 'perebutan baju2 chantek-branded-lagi-murah-mo-mampus' in manchester..
plus..i wanna go to M.U. stadium a.k.a M.Z. stadium

so so so
they said why dont u go to both places instead?
i want too..but sy bukan menantu raja kan.
so so so
i decided to drop scotland
and take manchester.
what say you?


Sunday, October 17, 2010


finally i come to realise
that there's someone
who's able to speak my 'language'
even i didn't express it with words
i praise Allah for giving you such a great sense! terharu pasal crita bunga awak itu.
i don't believe u really take my joke seriously.
anyway..thanks as in thank you so very much!=)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

sometimes there's something we couldn't tell

sometimes we don't know when the tears will come out
where it will burst
and for what reason

sometimes we know what the reason is
but we couldn't put the sadness into words
until we keep it to ourselves
coz we know
if we tell others....they hard to understand it
coz we didn't speak the same 'language'

some things is hard to understand by mind
it has to be understood by heart

so i've decided to let it 'live' in my heart
for only He knows what it is
and I know
someday He will shoo the sadness away.



.kejadian yg terjadi.


wah wah..something's new there.what?what?
the 'assalamualaikum'.hehe..bukan buang tebiat's just that i want to be more islamic..ececeh..
btol2 bah nie.huhu.

bah.i just got back from jogging.
duh~ jogging kunun.pd hal pegi mcD...

n then they said allowance is already in.
after went for a mcD-walk...we just straight away went to the cash machine.
key in the pin number clumsily
click 'check balance'
**.90 pounds popped out.
i checked again.
still **.90.
ya ampun!
i haven't received the allowance YET.
punya lembab tu lloyds bank. ckp ada hikmahnya..mna taw i get more than anyone else get kan.*which is impossible*

actually we have 'fiqh musafir' today. it's a-must-to-have event for oversea students (i think).
it's a guideline for muslim students who live in the uk regarding the dos and donts while we are here.

then someone asked 'tak pegi fiqh musafir?'
saya ckp 'tidak.sbb allowance dak masuk lagi.'

ok.jawapan sy mmg sungguh teda kaitan.


Friday, October 15, 2010

.kami seksa tanpamu.

tajuk cam getek ja kan.haha.

actually sy ingin meng-highlite-kan beberapa kesan allowance-lambat-masuk-cam-haram:
-suasana sepi pada ari sabtu dan ahad (teda yg limpas depan ruma pegi city)
-the shop tidak byk untung (sbb malaysian yg slalu kasi laku brg the shop)
-semua mula ingat hutang yg bekurun2 lama (kalo bole 1 pence pun mo mntk balek.=p)
-'money' has become a sensitive issue
-'keep the change' betukar jadi 'need the change'
-pantang dgr word 'allowance'
-muka masam pegi s.b.e. sbb kna bayar taxi lagi.
-telur dan roti tiba2 jadi fevret food.haih...xperna2 taw.
-kawasan shopping baju2 chantek telah diharamkan sementara waktu.
-hari2 cek status fb org dgn harapan adalah makhluk marjon yg tulis "allowance da masokk!"

kesan2 ini di taja oleh penduduk malaysia di marjon dgn harapan agar kerajaan malaysia memahami betapa kami terseksa di sini.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

gay or guy

"He's straight." my male-friend said.

"How do u know?"

"Bcoz he dared to make eye-contact with me.."

then, tejumpa si jejaka mata biru yesterday.

"straight or gay?" i asked.


"yes! ada chance!hahaha!" i said.


"do you know...there's another technique to recognise whether that person is a gay or a guy." he said again.

ok.this is interesting! i smiled.

"how?" sy bertanya dgn penuh ke-eager-an.

"the way he eats ice-cream."

"huh?" sy blur.

"ok.forget it rama." he said smbil tersenyum getek.

and i was like..makan ice-cream??got difference meh?

*if you guys know what he meant by saying that,please inform me as soon as possible. (ceh.mcm penting sgt  ja kan..haha)*


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

.stop lah bah.

jangan buat saya jeles bah.paham ka???
ok.dak paham kan.


Monday, October 11, 2010

.shall move on.

even if you fall from your grip
even if it's hard for you to creep
even if you fail to do stuff
and people started to laugh
even if people reject your thought
until you afraid to talk a lot
even if people rip up your heart
until life becomes so hard
even if you feel lonely
even if you feel tiny
even if you screwed up
even if solutions never turn up....

you shall just move on.
coz if you refuse, you will stay there like forever.
everything will get better in time; as long as you know how to move on.
so..start with your first step...and you will realise that the first step will lead to another steps.

*ouhh..blame the pms for making me think so much*


Sunday, October 10, 2010

what's in my head

Marriage is such a hot topic in Plymouth. be specific..among malaysian students. Err..tipu.actually marriage is such a hot topic in my head. *blush*

the more i want to avoid thinking about marriage, the more i want to get married. hey hey..don't get me wrong here. jgn pikir kotor2 aah.dosa tau... kan kahwin tu menyempurnakan separuh drpd agama? am i aite?

lately, i realised that marriage-thingy takes lots of space in my head. and..perhaps it's because:
-there's a lot of wedding albums in the fb. and the photos are FANTASTIC! everything's soooo PERFECT!ya ampun.jeles tauk.
-i came across a blog (in fact blogs)...which tell me how wonderful marriage is. xpecaya? here and here
-all my sisters da kawen. and the next turn is...ME.
-three of my seniors da kawen...
-i miss him. *teary eyed*

but i's not my time yet. i'm still studying. and i dont think i can carry so much responsibilities at one time. and..before i become a 'puan', i will try to fulfill these (my boyfriend husband-to-be...plz remind me of these things):
-give my first gaji to my mak.
-'transform' from salah to soleh(ah)
-buy a house
-buy a car
-bljr masak sedap2

and..i don't think i can fulfill these in 2 or 3 years of time. Maybe 5 or 6 years..or may be more. who knows kan. so...MZ, don't worry. u still have enough time to prepare the money for hantaran. sy maw 6 angka aah.hahaha...kidding2.


Friday, October 8, 2010


kan sakit itu kifarah dosa.


Semua Cun Saja~

cun saja-sleeq

i just heart the lyrics.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

.being rejected.

i was so excited (as well as nervous) to go for the royal mail interview. ouh!this is the very first time in my life to gain the experience as a worker. i was happy! i printed out the forms.filled in the forms.made a checklist for interview. and yeah..i'm all ready to go this tuesday.




i forgot to tell my mum that i was chosen to go for an interview.and the work-time is from 10 pm-6 am.and i will be having classes during one month of working. and when i tell her she said...






i'm ='(



there must be a reason(s) why she said 'tak payah'.
Allah pun da bg taw...ikut ckp mak selagi benda tu tak bertentangan dgn ajaran Islam.
kena halang kerja ngan royal mail tu bertentangan dgn ajrn Islam ka??eyh...tidakkan.

"the Prophet S.A.W. had told us that we must obey ALLAH and His messenger at all time. but after that who else did he tell us to listen to and be closed to? YOUR MOTHER."-yusuf islam-

maka dgn linangan airmata ini, sy mengistytiharkan pengunduran diri sy drpd menginterviewkan diri pada hari selasa ini.sekian.
(xsuka sedih mlm2)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

.encek azam.

AZAM TERBARU (gilalaa..sda bulan oct baru mo berazam)

-BAJU MO KASI PJG sikit.hukhuk
-MO RAJIN2 BELI BUKU bukan rajin2 beli baju.

ouwh..btw..these are my resolutions since last year and some of them since last last last last last years.
dan di bawa ke tahun ini kerana ketidakberjayaannya utk dilaksanakan.huh!


the things that i wanted to say when u picked up the phone.

i received an interview from royal mail.and i want u to be the first person to know how nervous i am.

i plan to go to manchester this winter. and i want u to be the first person to know how excited i WAS.

i want to talk about a cute naughty little boy in the school i went just now. he just reminds me of u. and i want u to be the first person to know how happy i was to meet him.

and i hope u are the first person who read this post of mine.


Monday, October 4, 2010



hey hey...what's so interesting about tuesday??

oh....something really special as well as spesial (disebut: spe-sial).*ganas jgk tu..rilek2*


coz tuesday is a school-day. i have to go to school and spend the rest of my day in the school...secondary school.duh!

why is it speSial?

coz there's a time i have nothing to do but observing...and act like i really interested with the lesson..which is  obviously i am not.

coz some of the students look at us like we are from pluto or some weird places.
      "where are u from?" the student asked.
      "malaysia."we said.
      "malaysia?'s in africa rite?" *note: be grateful if u r malaysian coz at least we know where england is.*

coz most of the students are ignorance.

and why is it special?

coz there's a gorgeous-blue-eyed assistant teacher


a lex(supernatural)-look-alike trainee teacher.
*at least bole laa menghilangkan kebohsanan sikit..*




MZ still no 1 laa...wink! *_^


Friday, October 1, 2010


sy suka tidur sebab.....
bila sy tidur sy dapat lupa hal2 kerinduan.

gud nite! (even malam masih apa maw tidur juga!)