Tuesday, September 21, 2010

when the body says 'sleep!' but the mind says 'wake up babe!'

it was 3 am. i couldn't close my eyes. yeah..may be i shut my eyes tightly but my brain couldn't stop working. My God! Jet lag! I was sleeping at 12 am and I woke up at 3 in the morning???? It might be normal for some of you but it's quite annoying for me. I'm really really really tired but I can't bring my mind and soul to sleep! and I know that I will sleep endlessly at noon. I knew it! coz yesterday i slept at 6am-10am and continued sleeping at 2pm-5pm! adui! i guess i'm following the malaysian time d.help me!help me!help me pleasseeeeeee!=( because I don't want to go against sunnatullah:

"Dan Dialah yang menjadikan MALAM utkmu sbg pakaian, dan tidur utk istirehat, dan Dia menjadikan SIANG untuk bangkit berusaha"
-surah al-Furqan, ayt 47-

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