Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I don't like to feel insecure and I don't like to be the reason for somebody to feel insecure. Hey, have I done that? emm..may be. If I did, I'll try to knock it off someday. No worries okke..cheers!

Talking about insecurity, I accidentally googled it and guess what...there's more about women  insecurity rather then men. Duh! obviously bah kan. Coz women are more emotional, they are more imaginative (org mlayu ckp 'suka pikir bukan2'), they need more security (literally), they need more attention...and many MORE.

Owh..It's not that I want to talk about every woman in this world. Duh! I'm not a researcher FGS. and I don't want to talk about *YOUR insecurity because this is my blog so why I'm bother to tell about YOURS. Go write it in your blog. (aik..emotional pulak tiba2 kan.sory2.=p). These are a few of my insecurities:

As a student:
-feel insecure when lecturers don't even bother to ask me questions when they actually ask everybody in the class. I was like...why don't they ask me? am i that stupid?

As a daughter:
-insecure about my performance as a daughter. Afraid that what i've said and done are actually not good in my mum's eyes and ears.

As a friend:
-I'm afraid if my jokes will hurt them.
-I feel insecure especially when they leave me alone in a crowd.

As a special someone:
-before this i feel insecure when he has a chat with another woman.but i realised that his tone, gesture and eye-contact are different when he talks to me. so, the insecurity fades away.
- before this i feel insecure when a woman write/talk something which i believe is about him (see..i'm quite IMAGINATIVE aite?). but..after sometime, i realise, why i have to bother about it? if Allah says he's the one...then he is. chill laa.
-emmm..insecurity??i will say no. coz i believe that he can be trusted. it's just that he sometimes makes me worry by not texting me. (although sometimes i feel insecure about...oh just don't talk about this here..malu tauk).

may be you girls have some things in common with me. yeah! at the end, we are still women with lots of insecurity. but try to overcome it by being positive, ladies. don't let ur insecurity budging you along the journey. be positive!

*refer to nobody.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

not a fairy tale

may be you have heard this:
"I'll wait for you...seriously!"

or may be this:
"I am here waiting for you...and I'll never give up until we get married"

or may be this sounds familiar too:
"Even though you already have the special someone, I will be patiently waiting for you."

and finally, this:
"I'll wait for you...forever!"

Ouuuhh.....sooo soo romantic...!

DUH!! boo you guys who say this! i'm sorry. but hey! it's the old trick to win a woman heart. try something else please. if you really meant to wait for that person, you better don't say it....SHOW it with your action coz 'action speaks louder than words' right?

dear ladies, don't easily fall for men's 'words of wisdom' coz i'm afraid it will break your gentle heart. and finally you'll find what's left is u and ur broken heart. pathetic huh? if he says he will wait for you etc.., just give him a smile, pinch your hands and back to reality. it's not that you are the only woman in this whole wide world sweetheart. he will break his promise in a matter of time.

i know..i know...some of you will say...'hey..laki x semua mcm tue taw!' i know...but like my friend said (she posted this in her fb):

"how long is too long for a guy willing to wait for his girl? gah, if guy ever says he's gonna wait for you, even it takes forever, he'd be lying. because no man is willing to wait. but If he is the right guy, he will wait as long as it takes. even it takes forever? lie. it only happens in fairy tales." (dayang huzaimah's courtesy)

see...we live a real life darling...don't try to create another fairy tale story which is quite impossible.

btw..i'm talking through experience. so blame me if i'm wrong.


Friday, September 24, 2010

from RR to MZ

note to jenjen...uii..uii..ko bwat aku ketagih nie lagu..tros ari2 bka blog ko budu kan..pd hal bole ja dgr di u tiub. layan nie lagu aah...blushing2 sda macik indon nie..=)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

when the body says 'sleep!' but the mind says 'wake up babe!'

it was 3 am. i couldn't close my eyes. yeah..may be i shut my eyes tightly but my brain couldn't stop working. My God! Jet lag! I was sleeping at 12 am and I woke up at 3 in the morning???? It might be normal for some of you but it's quite annoying for me. I'm really really really tired but I can't bring my mind and soul to sleep! and I know that I will sleep endlessly at noon. I knew it! coz yesterday i slept at 6am-10am and continued sleeping at 2pm-5pm! adui! i guess i'm following the malaysian time me!help me!help me pleasseeeeeee!=( because I don't want to go against sunnatullah:

"Dan Dialah yang menjadikan MALAM utkmu sbg pakaian, dan tidur utk istirehat, dan Dia menjadikan SIANG untuk bangkit berusaha"
-surah al-Furqan, ayt 47-