Wednesday, August 4, 2010

.read it or leave it.

hey..hey...i read 'I Heart New York' recently. it's a wowser! it's written by lindsey kelk. her style is pretty much like sophie kinsella; the author of shopaholic. but i should say sophie is still the best. the story is about a woman who run-away from london to new york after her boyfie does 'something' with another girl in their car. it happens during her bestie's wedding. she's really upset but she tries to hide it coz she doesn't want to ruin her bestie's happy day. however she becomes more frustrated when she found out that her bestie is actually knows about the dirty thing between her boyfie and that slut. so she decided to cure her feelings by flying to new york. and her fantastic, humorous and romantic journey begins in new york where many fantastic things happen!

it's a superb novel especially to those who loves funny yet romantic novel (i know..i know...only certain girls love this thingy). btw...this novel is a glamour magazine exclusive edition. i'm not sure if they sell it without the magazine.have to find it out though.

reading is sexy =)

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