Sunday, August 1, 2010


the weekend is over. suddenly i just have the mood to post about it. it might be a 'bed time story' for you (coz u might feel sleepy after u read it) but a 'fairy tale' story for me.ngehngeh.. (mood mengada mlm2)

MZ was in tawau on saturday. i was so sooo freaking excited (duh! it sounds getek ba kan =p). i got ready since friday; my top and tudung were ironed neatly...asked permission from mum since wednesday ( excited i was..haha). then on saturday i did the chores early in the morning so i had time to get ready before 9 am. i was all ready at 8.40 am. At 9...MZ was still on his way to fetch me. at about 9.05 am, he came. before i get into his car, my mum gave me lots and lots of advice..(typical mum)..oh ya..i met his mum too..=) he just kept his mouth shut and i had to do the talking.oh my!
i didn't realise that it's already 5.30 pm where i should go home. it was his turn to meet my mum..n i did what he did before...i shut my mouth tightly and let him talking 'independently'..=p 
i was ^___________^ the whole day..


abcdefgh said...

oooo.. membalas erk.. hehehe

jenJENn said...

Muhd Zulfadli!

ohh... sungguh indah hidup mu yah rama!! saya pun maw merasa perasaan sedemikian rupa berjumpa bakal2 ibu mertua! ahahahaa... so sweeett laaa you! jeles i!! tumpang hepy skali. :)))))

ana rama said...

abcdefgh...sungguh indah nama itu..muahahaha!haruslaa membalas..fair n square ba org bugis ckp..=p

bakal2 ibu mertua???brapa byk bakal ko mo jmpa syg?haha!
tenks honey!ur turn will pretty sure bout it.=)

ibung said...

yah2...saya pun mencemburui anda...apapun, aku tunggu kad wangi2 yahh...=)...aku mau dapat 2 kayhh...dri Mr MZ satu, dri kau 1...lalala..~~

ana rama said...

waa...anda pun mencemburui sy bung??! ok2...ada sapa2 lagi mo cemburu?ayoh!cemburu skrg! haha...(kin pegal ba 2 ayt kan)