Wednesday, July 7, 2010

yesterday and today

Yesterday, I went to city: helping my senior and friends with their shopping.. 
I didn't spend a lot yesterday.
May be because we only entered 3 shopping-malls:house of fraser, debenhams, and primark.
I just bought a jane-norman lady-shirt for amal's birthday present....a cute england t-shirt for my new-born nephew and pyjamas for me.
May be it was my luck yesterday cause I bought the pyjamas for only 1 pound! The cashier said they have a big sale that day so that's why I can get it for only 1 pound even though the price tag didn't 'say' so. what a lucky girl!=)

I'm acting like a big-fat snake today.. a snake..
Only watching movie and facebook-ing remind me that I'm still a human.
the laziness seems to stick with me: wake up late for subuh prayer...sleep after subuh...refused to do exercise...yawning and snoring instead of assignment-ing.fuh!what on earth is happening to me?!

Btw... I have a strange feeling today..
I feel nervous without a reason..
Hopefully everything's gonna be ok kan.

I'm really depending with my extrinsic motivation right now coz my intrinsic one is totally zero!
Please..please..please...'wake me up' to do my assignment!

badan di uk....hati di msia,

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