Saturday, July 10, 2010


People sometimes/always have a bad impression to those who are studying overseas especially in the European country.  I was one of the many people before. I WAS! I thought that the persons who further their studies abroad; mingle with the mat sallehs; will eventually adapt their culture(whether it's good/ bad) and will live 'far away' from the Muslims' way of life.My mum also has the same thinking. That's why she gives me lots and lots and lots of advice until now. She's very scared if I will end up marrying a mat salleh and refuse to go back malaysia (ok...this is quite funny coz until now,the mat sallehs aren't interested with me AT ALL.and i'm not interested with them either.fair and square.)

I think...those certain people might be influenced by the movies or drama melayu on tv. I had watched some dramas which always portrayed the oversea-students are spoiled;from wearing hijab to not wearing it, become alcoholic, no manners, clubbing chick, etc. I agree that there are cases like that but I don't agree when some people start to label that all the oversea-students as 'lupa daratan'. It's not fair, isn't it?

Another factor that influenced people's thinking is because of the life-style in European-country. They can do anything freely. Obscenity is almost every where; public transport, at the field, park, city centre, shopping complex, escalator, etc.  It's actually YOU to choose whether to see it or keep your heads down.  I had once heard someone said that you can do anything in Europe because there's no JAKIM to arrest you. That's very true indeed.  But, there's a BIG JAKIM up there.  Who? Allah of course (a reminder for me and for you).

This is one of my obvious-stereotyping-experience so far:
I was in a plane, on my way to KLIA before take off to London.  There were some students sat at the back of my sitting. I was with my friend. I closed my eyes; not sleeping, I just didn't want to be disturbed. The student asked my friend where we are studying. And my friend said Marjon, uk. With the thought that I was sleeping, one of the students said something like this to my friend 'eh kwn ko tue mmg pakai tudung ka?ko tgklah lepas sampai sana....dia bukak terus tue.'  See...I hadn't put my feet in London yet, but there's already somebody who I don't even know make a 'prayer' for me. What a surprise eh! far...I have learned more about Islam here in the uk. The seniors help me a lot with Makrifatullah. Being a minority makes me close to Him. It's not easy being the minority though. Coz people look at you curiously because you look different.  But the differences make you unique. 



kiorsly said...

uuish, terlampau juga orang yg cakapgitu ramakurang asam.. suruhlah diapikir sendiri,mengutuk orang sendiri tu.. bodoh bha..aku pun ada impression juak cam tu sal aku dengar crita2 cam tu.. but, aku doakan ko semoga berjaya di sana, kekal dan bangga menjadi the real muslim (perempuan muslim yang bertudung)di Eropah.. nice post..

ana rama said...

amin..insyaAllah rosli..
ppl have they can talk..but apa ble buat..we just take it as a challenge..
i will take care of myself n hopefully tat person will take good care of herself too.amin.=)

thanks btw.=)