Friday, July 2, 2010

the samples

Have you ever heard this: 'Allah doesn't always give you the things you want because He wants to give you something better.' Alhamdulillah..there's always a good thing behind the failure.

Last two weeks, I tried to buy sk ii product online because my current cleanser (murad) is not working that well on my skin. Plus, it's almost finished (is it the right term to use?huhu).  So I've decided to change it with sk ii (which me myself is not sure whether it works on my skin or not). Some said it's the best product for all skin type but some rejected it as it works best for adults; not for teenagers.  I'm not sure who to trust. So end up, I bought sk ii samples. It's quite cheap: 5.59 pounds for 3 small samples.  However, I didn't get the parcel until yesterday the owner sent an email saying that the product is currently not available. I've been waiting for two weeks for God sake! And honestly it's getting on my nerves.

And yesterday, I spent almost my whole evening searching for sk ii samples online but I couldn't find one. Until finally I decided to buy the normal-size product which will cost me 36 pounds (fuh!expensive ok!).  I was just about to click the button 'buy' when Dib asked me whether I wanna try dermalogica instead of sk ii since I've already gone to dermalogica beauty clinic. And that reminded me of my dermalogica sample which i threw it somewhere. I've been searching for the samples in my drawers and wardrobe and finally...TADAAAA!here are the samples!Alhamdulillah..jimat duit sy!

oh my money saviour!

my face mapping.



Muli Mahmud said...

besh ni kak ramaa! cuma tu laa, mahal gylaa eh!
tapi kira bbaloi la... my sister guna dlu, i ikut2 guna, haha

ana rama said...

oo..bagus ek..
sini..kira ini laa jnama branded yg agak murah compare ngn yg laen..
tensen eh..sini teda safi..hukhuk..