Saturday, June 26, 2010

when sex can lead to poverty

A lecturer here in Marjon had once expressed his concerned about poverty to one of my seniors.  He said, poverty is one of the problems here in Plymputh/UK (i'm not sure whether he said in the UK or Plymouth). At first, I was shocked; really! Because I thought there's absolutely no poverty here in the European country.  But (for sure) it's not as serious as in India or Indonesia.

Actually, what he wanted to higlight is about women who have children in their very young age which obviously lead to poverty.  How? Because they are still young; they still don't have a better job or even a stable life style.  Most of them have to earn money by themselves as well as raise their babies alone without their husband or boyfriend.  I have seen this a lot in Plymouth.  Just last week, I saw a very beautiful, young woman carrying a cute little child in her trolley; she did some grocery-shopping.  I really thought that the child is her younger sister but when the child called her 'Mummy', I was shocked.  

The lecturer said that they are not getting married early but they 'make love' in their early age (during high school or even during elementary school!).  It's not a shocking-news; really. Even the year 6 (age 10-11) students are taught about how to wear condom in a proper way during sex education (it happens in my senior's school during her school experience).  They do it practically using a penis-like thingy. And what even worst is a year 3 (age 7-8)  student had once asked my senior whether she's ever doing sex.  The student was flabbergasted when my senior said 'No'.  She (the student) said that it's very enjoyable because she had tried once. My senior was like "what???!"

That's what happened in elementary schools.  In the high school...oh I reckon you can imagine what happen there. It happened in my friend's school during school experience (I am very glad that I went to all boys school).  A girl gave a 'massage' to a guy's chest (to be exact: his nipple) in the classroom. They did it while talking innocently with their friends (no feelings I guess).  Then the girl said to the guy, "Now, it's my turn." And the guy did the 'massage'! Haiyo..veryyy daring disgusting right.

At first, it's a culture-shock for me. But as time goes by, I've got use to it because it's like part of their culture. (Correct me if I'm wrong). I still remember the day an old lady called us 'Hi, virgins!' We are really proud of it but some of the 'orang puteh' feel insulted if they are called 'virgin' at the age of 21. Different culture, different interpretation I guess.

the virgin (taley blah! i know i know),

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