Tuesday, June 22, 2010

when the imagination is 'activated' by photos

have you ever felt that your eargerness to get married is soooo high just because you peek at somebody's wedding album????

you see the fantastic wedding gown...
the exclusive hantaran
the mesmerizing pelamin
the flawless face of the bride (perfect make-up!)
the happiness of bride and bridegroom
owh!it looks sooo n sooo wonderful!

then you will ask yourself 'when is my turn?': ooo..loooong way to go..=(
some will say: getting married?? why so early..enjoy first ba!
some will grumble: nobody wants me.so why bother.
some will start counting: get married at the age of 27....means 6 years to go....

so which one is yours?
owh..i'm just waiting for him to take me out from 'cik' to 'puan'...*blush*

p/s: i want tis song during my wedding day: click here if you care to listen..(ohmy!ohmy!sy suda sot!)

getek mode,

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