Sunday, June 6, 2010

ticket= ^_^

Alhamdulillah...i'm very grateful O Allah!

Thank you soo much for those who pray for me..=)
I'm very very very glad..
Now I can concentrate 100% on my assignments..

Thanks a lot to MZ for keep telling me to be patient..i love u! *blushing*
Thanks a lot to my dear yusy (for your comment in fb)...I love uuuuuuuu sooo much sweetie!
Thanks a lot to amir (for the comment in my previous post) are really howt amir!
Thanks a lot to aamy for saying "and never give up" (comment in my previous post as well)..yeah..that's true indeed..coz once you give's hard for you to stand up.. giving speech for grammy awards ja kan.

emm..btw did i say i will concentrate 100% on my assignments??
emmm...actually 70% will do..=p

sy sayang kawan sy,

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Amir Alias said...

ahak...gleeemmm i tetiberr..huhu~