Thursday, June 17, 2010's not a slip-up.i know..

I made a mistake and I knew it!

does it mean i don't deserve a second chance?

or may be i don't deserve it.really.

coz i made mistakes..not a mistake.

and somehow i know where i should stand.

but i just want to know it from your mouth...where should i stand?

p/s i dont like the 'plz try later' and 'this is a voicemail box for the no. u have dialled..'


kiorsly said...

hmm, baru perasan lama x baca blog ko.. jsut want to tell you that everyone deserve for the 2nd chance although I don't believe in it~~

ana rama said...

my lec said don't give a second chance ngn org yg da melebey2..n aku da melebey2 mungkin.=(