Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm fasting

Have you ever gone shopping? (oh, silly question.I know..I know.)

Have you ever made a list of what you wanna buy but end up buying lotsa things which are not included in your so-called shopping-list? (brilliant question, aite?)

Have you ever spent hours and hours shopping without realising that your bank account is decreasing rapidly?

Do you wanna know how to prevent those situation from happen? (read till the end if you are interested to know.If not...simply click the red button X above.tenkiu =] )

This is through my own experience this morning.  I was planning to go shopping alone but the planned was not successful.  Which is a good news for my bank account but a bad news for my own satisfaction. Wanna know the story? (continue reading if you eager to know.If not click the red button X above).

Ways of preventing Shopping-like-hell:

1. Make yourself busy while waiting for the bus. 

My situation:
-Planning to take day rider to go to the city centre.
-Called my sister while waiting for bus.
-Still calling when the bus came.  I accidentally said 'Asda return please' instead of 'Day rider please'.

My reaction: Budu! Should take day rider.Why laa asked for asda return. Ah!Let it be.

Bad news: Couldn't go city centre. Have to buy another ticket if I want to.

Good news: The ticket fare is cheap. Preventing me from shopping like hell in the city centre.

2. Go shopping as early as 6/7 in the morning.

My situation:
-FYI, I went out at about 7 a.m. which is quite early for God sake.
-Why so early?Coz I thought I can avoid the hassle outside so I can shopping peacefully.
-Guess what?The shops still closed!
-Asda is the only shop that opened.

My reaction: Gila! Forgot to estimate the time. Went dissapointedly to Asda.

Good news: The money's life is safe.

3. Put a big-fierce-hideous dog beside the ATM machine.

My Situation:
-There's only a few pounds left in my purse. To the ATM machine I should go.
-Suddenly numb. Why? Coz there's a huge-fierce-hideous dog beside the ATM machine.
-Actually I could use debit card instead of cash.But I just don't like using it.

My reaction: Duh! Like I care. Emm..actually I do care. Sia-sia mati kena gigit hanjeng tau.

Good news: The amount of money in the bank account is not changing.

4. Let the shopkeeper quarrels with her/his friend.

 My situation:
-I went into charity shop..searching for books and cute stuff.
-Then I quickly went out.Why?
-Because the shopkeeper was in the middle of a tight quarrel with his friend.
-I was the only one in the shop.So..better get myself out from them.

My reaction: a bit nervous.and dissapointed as well.coz I bought nothing!

Good news: Nothing is something. Something means my money is not decreasing.

I ONLY bought food from Asda:Saving You Money Everyday.

Maka terpaksalaa mmbaca niat: sahaja aku puasa shopping pd hari ini kerana byk halangan.Amin.

si budak kesian


tqa said...

LOL. bnyk nya dugaan :p

RR, ini encik belog sy! hee

ana rama said...

Oh AR..
sgt byk dugaan sy trpaksa tempohi..
ba.akan sy menstalk blog anda.=)