Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the 'hot' and 'cold' summer

It's summer already..
sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's cold..
life's like that.
we can't expect to be 'hot'/ 'cold' all the time...coz it would be dull.

it's great to know that this summer i have a great companion to get fit..
i know some people talk something behind my back..
i wish that people know that i don't care at all...
as long as my companion didn't say anything strange or weird; there's nothing to worry about.

i couldn't be easy..
although we already do our best to satisfy other people,
there must be a bunch who doesn't like the way we live our life.
so..why do we have to bother about that small group of people?
we should start to see something at their bright side...
coz the bright side will provide us with light
which will guide us to face the challenging world.

sy yg suka mrepek malam2


kiorsly said...

what happen eh?? don't think too much about it rama because they are just jeolous with you.. nothing to worry. What you have to do is just keep ignoring them and just live your life..

ana rama said... big deal pun laa rosli..
saja mrepek tym mlm2..hehe