Sunday, June 20, 2010

he's tooooo far away.

did you remember the first time you sent me to the kindergarten?
i cried because i wanted mum to sent me instead of u.

did you remember the time you combed my hair everytime i wanna go to school?
i grumbled because u always do the same hair style; nerdy-polite look.

did you remember the things you always bought for me everytime i sulk?
chocs and sweets! i was happy but i hid the feeling coz i wanted more.oh!i was greedy!

did you remember the moments you became the hero everytime i'm being bullied?  
i am proud of you.really!

did you remember you kissed my cheek and forehead before i went to kindergarten?
you got moustache.i said i don't like it.then you would always shave it.

did you remember the very last time you hold me tight when i was crying?
you wipe my tears and said..."don't cry because you are a big girl"...but i ignored. coz i thought it's just a cliche.may be it is.but i realise that it IS NOT when it comes from your mouth. (but still..your big girl here always cry and sulk) 

i know i'm not perfectly perfect
but you love me for who i am

we had 9 wonderful years together and it takes me forever to forget you.
even though you are 'miles' and 'miles' and 'miles' away
i will always pray for you.

and will always love you forever...
coz nobody can replace you.

...happy father's day...

ouchh! i miss you,

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