Sunday, June 6, 2010

don't wanna spend summer hols here.

I'm so so freaking nervous.
You know what..
I haven't bought tickets to go back hometown!
I've found the quite cheap tickets actually but there's something wrong with my debit card.
Can you imagine my feelings?
Waiting for this damn-cheap tickets for sooo long
and when I found debit card being rejected????

my dear friends..please please pray for me.I really wanna go back.=,(

si budak kesian,


Amir Alias said...

rana, if u really want to buy the ticket, tell me la. i'll lend u my money first, later u pay la. ok? no worries. insyaallah.

AAMY said...

Salam rama,
xper2 cuba lg.. nnt ada la tu..
aku pun nasib jer jumpa aritu pastu jadik cam ko..
naseb baik, doa byk2 sket, benda tu kuar balik..
try jer balik!!
"and we never give up".. NBA Stepping up.

ana rama said...

thanks a loooot my friends!!
love u soooo sooo much!
alhamdulillah...tiket da dpt!!!