Saturday, June 12, 2010


When I said 'I really really wanna know how to ride the bicycle'...

Some ppl don't want to believe
Some ppl ignored
Some ppl laughed
Some ppl being supportive
Some ppl helped
Some ppl just passed me by and said 'good luck babe!'

Whatever that 'some ppl' said...I thanked them for what they said and did.
Coz they really make me believe that I can do it!
and I won't stop until I succesfully ride the bicycle with confidence.yeah!

Yesterday..while I was browsing Facebook I came across this post from a friend:

"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your
balance, you must keep moving."

I have this habit where I don't simply click the 'like' button on anybody status.
Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to read and reread the post before I announced to the whole world that I like it.Yeah I know..that's a bad habit.But for this status I click the 'like' button without reread it. May be because I've experienced it myself where I always fall down from the bicycle once my feet stop moving. 

And this early as 7 in the morning...I went out to practise cycling.
And I kept mumbling this phrase once I felt like I wanna fall. (sounds nonsense isn't it?but works!)

btw..i've never upload any pictures about this bicycle-thingy right.
Nah! here's the picture(s).

Tgk awan tu..Subhanallah!

Of me and the bicycle


The honourable bicycle =)

My friend's hammock..Did you notice that?


Amir Alias said...

jz realised, new bicycle right?? nice 1~!! anyway, keep trying n moving!!

Amir Alias said...

uiyyooo rama!!!!! dh siap esenmen ekkk!!!!!!!

ana rama said...

haha..blom siap laa amir.
hey..that's not my bike..auni pnya hanyalah peminjam tetap...hehe
btw..thanks 4 supporting me..=D

اِ بْنُ said...

hehe... nice story...
don't give up OK..

ana rama said...

thank you!=)