Sunday, June 13, 2010

the beautiful mess

My Tracey's assignment is officially done! yeeehooo!!!
Finally...I can browse through fb, youtube and blogspot without feeling guilty..
(just for a few days b4 starting the Michael's assignment)

And yesterdays my room was a total mess!
I didn't realise it until my friend told me
u don't believe me huh?
let's admire these pictures:

---------three days before due date

-----two days before due date


and i'm ignoring the dustbin until it becomes really2 congested.

 and the drawer open
and the to-do-list-board half hanging on the wall
and the yesterday's mug was still on the table;unwashed.

See!it's a total mess for a lady like u and me.
but it's a beautiful mess
i like it
it shows how much i'm concentrating on doing my assignment (kununlaa).

p/s: I didn't do the mess on purpose.It happened naturally.Duh!do u think i don't have any better things to do to mess my things up.=p

body and soul free....from Tracey's assignment,

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