Monday, June 14, 2010


It's nothing to do with treasure hunt..or jungle trekking or whatever
It's something to do with my second trial to go shopping alone in Plymouth city centre.
and the result is: i'm FAILED!

If this is a competition I will be disqualified from the game.Seriously!

Today, I was physically and mentally ready to go shopping...alone...again.

Unlike few days back, I tried to go a bit late..after dhuhr..about 2 pm..

And the result was really2 dissapointing.

shops were going to close before I could grab anything..

and end-up..i bought nothing special.

and also..i was careless..I missed the bus 2 times..

and worst: I day-dreaming in the bus until I missed my destination.

And the driver was tooo kind by sending me back to that place..*Thank you pacik driver!*

and i did some groceries-shopping until 7.30 pm and once again i missed the last bus which is at 7.10 pm (first bus).

and i had to wait for city bus which is at 8.08 pm.

I was lucky coz there's a lady there which could accompany me chatting..

i told her that i have a bad day today..

she asked me why..and i told her everything..(hey..a stranger sometimes can comfort me!)

then after that she also told me about her bad day...

i was like...ya ampun!u really have a baaaaad day!

and she said it will continue tomorrow...(i wonder how come she can be so sure bout it.)

and I'm grateful because my bad day is not that bad compared to her's.

life's like that,


Amir Alias said...

sometimes we tend to think ours are the worst, while in fact there r those who had their worst nightmares, far far worse than ours. (pelek nyer komen ak)

ana rama said...

hahaha..apa yg peleknyaa amer.ngam laa tu.=)